Where an artist feels at home. Probably not all artists, but this one! Even though I do not think twice about making a mess when I paint (stains on my clothes prove it:) ), but like objects to have a certain place. It borders somewhat on minimalism, but I do not mind having two or three of the same items


Fragile, but treasured
(Floral Fri Foto)




Artsy hall, but airy
These wood statues are from Holland, which were
part of a stained glass bay window ( estimated 1930).
My oil painting (30 x 40 inch)  of the chess board is about
the repositioning in 2008.
(The Good (R) )













The next to the last wooden sculpture above



Fri Hunt
Begin with C:
Week’s Favorite: the pond
Odd Angle (reflect in window car)


A place to reflect on how “To Be”
making room in my mind for new creativity
(The Random (R), ABC Wed – to BE, Weekend Reflection)






















Feel at home in the country when not seeing other human beings,
except for hubby for days on end, but also am comfortable in the
city, with many people around, cars, bikes, lots of activity.
“The kosterij” is the verger’s house. Originally was the house of the
one who took care of the church. Now it’s a restaurant in Groningen, Holland
(Tue Treasure, Our Beautiful World, Tue Travel,  Travel Photo Thu)





Thought it would be fun to separate the reflection of the buildings
across for the odd angle
(Fri Hunt)






Often  some curious deer or squirrel nearby to smile at
(Sat. Critters)





To look up at the sky and to see “what’s going on today!”






Friendly shops nearby, and I’m in my element.
( Thurs. Door



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33 Comments Add yours

  1. fun60 says:

    I love your chessboard painting. It looks at home there in your hall.

  2. Tamar says:

    That deer! What a shot! Thanks for linking up (:

  3. Charming set of pictures! Love the deer and the city scene with all the bikes!

  4. Home is always a wonderful place to be. You now have more than one home. Thanks for stopping by today, take care and stop by again.

  5. Melody62 says:

    de kostery…………ohhhh my…..just a few kms to the east of it I was born, so I know place like the back of my hand 😉 …..

    how to be…. where to be….. Groningen is a fine place to be for a while 😉

    Have a nice ABC-Wednesday / _ Week
    ♫ M e l ☺ d y ♫ (abc=w=team)

  6. Ruth says:

    I smiled so many times while reading your post. Several things you wrote in here resonate with me. Keep creating and taking beautiful photos!

  7. treadway says:

    I am always glad to be home…whether it is my home here or my childhood home in Tennessee. I enjoyed all your photos.

  8. Sallie says:

    Enjoyed your reflections on feeling at home …your thoughts perfectly illustrated by your lovely photos.

  9. narami says:

    Lovely look at Holland jesh, thanks so much for sharing this!

  10. Joyce Hughes says:

    Like your harmonious hall, love the chess painting.

  11. What a nice post with those variation of subjects.

  12. prior.. says:

    so much beauty here, Jesh. and the pond to reflect on was my fav – the color and vibe. ahhhhh
    have a great day 🙂

  13. We have friends who live in Groeningen! Have a lovely weekend!

  14. Linda says:

    Beautiful photos and art! Thank you so much for sharing, and warm greetings from Montreal, Canada. 🙂

  15. jesh stg says:

    I realized later, it looks so Californian:)

  16. I have a wall clock identical to the one in your second photo. 🙂

  17. Jim says:

    Good sky.

  18. Michelle says:

    That is a gorgeous chessboard painting. Love it! Thanks for linking up today and I hope to see you back again next week!

  19. jesh stg says:

    It was a goodbye gift from friends who returned to the UK to live. You probably can relate to this because of your hubby’s job, that some goodbye’s are harder than others:)

  20. jesh stg says:

    People who love to travel probably have some things in common! You may have missed it, but I just take photos, my real art is here:)

  21. jesh stg says:

    Thank you for visiting! The variety of shots relate to the memes/challenges on the bottom of the blogpost I participate in. Stay warm, heard that it’s cold in Holland at the moment.

  22. DeniseinVA says:

    A lovely section Jesh and I wanted to thank you for your last comment on a blog post of mine. I hope to be posting more regularly from now on. Happy New Year!

  23. prior.. says:

    it really does…. and California is such a special place…

  24. Roger Green says:

    Love that painting on the wall!


  25. Ruth says:

    Thanks for entering the #TPThursday linky! Enjoy the weekend.

  26. lindyloumac says:

    Calling by from Floral Friday Fotos, love your delicate flower entry.

  27. James says:

    Nice pictures! That deer is so cute. 🙂 The black things in my reflection is hanging laundry.

  28. Peter B says:

    I like the looks of that little restaurant and all the bicycles! Also, beautiful sky shot.

  29. Eileen says:

    Hello, love the sky shot, pretty flowers and the cute deer. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Have a happy weekend!

  30. scotiaspinner says:

    I just love the photo of the deer! The Kostery restaurant appears to have some odd angles too – looks like it is not quite straight in the walls. I would love to visit there! Your first shot of the flowers is stunning – so fragile and delicate.

  31. Carol Carson says:

    So much here to admire and think about. The painting of the chess pieces and its significance is beautiful. The bicycles caught my eye. The wonderful wooden sculpture too. And many of your photographs – I love looking at reflections in parked car windows. Your thoughts about feeling at home both in the country and in the midst of hustle and bustle made me wonder about my own comfort in both circumstances.

  32. Teresa says:

    What a great assortment of images! I absolutely love the chess board painting! Adorable deer. Thanks so much for joining Friday’s Hunt. Have a great week!

  33. jammy7000 says:

    Lovely shots. I have happy memories from my visit to Groningen many years ago.
    Thanks for likinking up at the Travel Tuesday meme.

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