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Many thanks for your seasonal experiences last week! The trips you have gone on in All Seasons has gone in many more directions than I anticipated! It made me want to visit your neck of the woods, and traveling the world to see all the stunning places you live, and have been!

The month of August stretched me, and hope September is a bit more predictable. Probably not … there are many special days this coming month across the globe.
It starts in the USA with  Labor  Day weekend
Spring for the Southern hemisphere,
the 22th Fall for the Northern hemisphere,
Australian Nat Day, Grandparents Day,
Patriot Day, and
Rosh Hashanah, and Yom Kippur, the Jewish New Year’s feasts.
Not to forget Daylight Savings for New Zealand. Let me know if I have forgotten a feast!

In my family one of the grand children becomes 7 years old Labor Day weekend, and her momma’s birthday the 24th.


Need to take off for All Seasons NEXT SUNDAY SEPT 3 for a break that week, and will be back Sept. 10 )


September is in a way like Utah. which I would describe as raw nature. and wild. This is completely opposite from manicured paths with arrangements of flowers. Not only are the colors overpowering, but the shapes of the hills and mountains are eye-catching!

Never considered red as a color for my plein air paintings, until … I came to Utah!




The last 3 weeks it has been in the nineties to 120 degr. F in some places nearby. It’s different from the mild temps in Southern end of California! These weeks here,  remind me so much on the times we were in Utah, where at 6 pm it was still a 100 degrees. Fortunately the stark beauty in this state were distracting me for most part of the time from the heat. This is Quail lake. Have showed shots of this lake before, but not this one.







The three Musketeers nicknamed by me, stand in Bryce Canon – close to 9000 feet –  where I did most of the plein air painting. This must have been taken right before the daily shower around 3 pm, where in summer the temperature drops 20 degrees within half an hour (the strangest sensation if one has never experienced it).







But after the rain falls, the sun starts shining like nothing happened! The road turns, and suddenly one sees this huge white rock on top of the red hill. This photo doesn’t do justice what you really see in reality! Another time I’ll show you the watercolor.


Utah’s landscapes  comes close to the wildest I’ve seen – ever, because I originated from a green and flat land.  What were the wildest landscape you ever saw?



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