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Most of the fences in my neighborhood are not much to speak about. It doesn’t mean people do not care where their property begins or ends. We have seen land surveyors at work on a regular basis. Crazy that some roads run on  private property!
Good Fences, Fri Greens





The doors in the suburbs of Sacramento are actually more defined than most in the capital themselves. This one is one of an Auburn shop.
Thurs. Doors





Hub’s Hobby (Our Beautiful World)

Friday Hunt
Begins with T:  Hubs camera is a Treasure-  Rebel T4i
Week’s Favorite: Flowers
Rule of Thirds: only hold to this rule, when I think about it. I measured and the flowers and the coffee shop (more accidentally than anything else, lol)





One of hubby’s images – does it look like a Camellia?






Just hanging out at Peets with coffee till dark. Even short times matters:)
Weekend Reflections, Sat. Silhouette




Birds in the parking lot at sunset. We like the sunset too!
Sat. Critters





Sunset Clouds near home
(Sky Watch, Pink Saturday, Tue Texture)



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