Art is an innate creative aptitude  to see beyond the normal realm and works from scratch, while crafts works with materials or instructions that are pre-made Probably my last summer field pic. In the beginning, the grass on the hills was not the ugly brown of last years. Maybe more water this year had to … Continue reading FROM SCRATCH


  Palm trees, subtropical flowers, high rise buildings, freeway signs, big mall areas are so much the pleasant part of the Los Angeles basin where I lived for three decades. The less pleasant part are the traffic jams, waiting for more than an hour at any restaurant in the weekends. A few weeks ago I heard … Continue reading SUBTROPICAL


  Read in the ABOUT section (right side underneath the header) about this new header Amazing skies and mountains – I have grown to love our yearly Yosemite Nat. Park visits. Yet, very different stunning skies and Impressive (ABC Wed.) red and white mountains – that is Utah for me.       Seen from the road: Burnt tree … Continue reading ON UTAH’S ROADS