Hello All Seasons Bloggers,

Many many thanks for all of your wonderful posts and great images last week, and all the well wishers because of the fires!

Am a very happy camper, because I found my jewelry box after 4 years. (in the garage – mind you, in one of my laundry baskets -I have very good hiding places. So good, I don’t remember it myself!
Pure nostalgia:):) I now feel “complete” when having both parts of my wedding ring on.
As I’m writing here I see for the first time in 2 weeks a partly blue sky – very reassuring! Hope that the ones who have been evacuated because of the fires, can soon go home, and the fire fighters have more breaks in-between to eat and sleep!


Am still not out of the “vacation mood” even though I know my youngest grand will go back to school this Monday!

The moseying around is done in Balboa Park, as an attempt to hide from the heat,
for they have large covered walk ways with big arches.

Palms suggest heat (to me) and a great backdrop for big spaces
buildings and spaces, but when it’s really hot, it makes me feel
even hotter. What to do to hide from the heat?




Just seeing and hearing water, suggests refreshing coolness



But for an organ concert am willing to come out of the shadows – there aren’t many in open air. See the organ pipes above the organ? These are all personal umbrellas:)




Have been told it takes a long time to learn playing the organ,
because there are so many parts,
so I applaud the organist:)




Yay, ice cream! Home made!


Even though you probably don’t go to school as a student, are you preparing
for September or change of the season in any way?






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20 Comments Add yours

  1. Oh loved those umbrellas!

  2. Margy says:

    Balboa Park is an amazing place. Love all of the historic buildings from the 1915 Panama-California Exposition and the 1935 World’s Fair. We had a student banquet there for the Pacific Coast Intercollegiate Flying Association airmeet years ago. – Margy

  3. Carol says:

    I’m waiting patiently for Sept and Oct when Florida’s heat abates. At leat I’m trying to be patient.

  4. kenschneider says:

    I love “big” organ music. You need technology to escape the heat, think A/C and fans, but you can escape the cold just by piling on more layers.

  5. Klara S says:

    Ice cream are the best for heat!
    Thank you for hosting.

  6. Jackie says:

    I love Balboa Park.
    I mentioned you in my weekly recap, I ended up at The Bay and got a couple more tops. Got to stop shopping.

  7. That must’ve been an enjoyable concert, regardless of the heat. Thankfully our house stays cool during the summer as long as we close the blinds and curtains when the sun is on their side of the house. The breeze has picked up so that means the coastal fog has come in, but I hope it doesn’t cause any fires to start up. Cheers to a fun and easy-going week, Jesh!

  8. Jeanna says:

    I think the fall can offer job opportunities and I’m always looking for work so I look forward to it. It also means some of the pools and lakes will be relatively kid-free which is a major plus in weather which is cooling and colors which are changing.
    I agree about bird baths or water features, they are soothing to hear and refreshing to see, just looking at your lovely photo is calming.
    How did everyone get the same kind of umbrella? Did I tell you a large table umbrella almost stabbed the lady eating behind us last week?

  9. Hazy skies from the fires have cleared here in San Jose for the past few days. I’m glad to hear you can also now see a blue sky. I hope for the best for those affected by the fires. Scary times. How fortunate that you found your lost jewelry! Whenever I put something in a new, “safe” place I can never remember where I put it.

  10. Sallie says:

    Love the “sunbrellas” and would brave hot weather to hear that concert as well! Can’t believe school is almost starting …it still seems like midsummer to me. It starts after Labor Day here in Oregon and that still always seems like the start of the New Year to me, even though we’ve been retired for decades! (We were in education fields.)

  11. Pat says:

    Hope all the terrible CA fires will soon be contained! I’m glad you found your jewelry–that must have been a wonderful relief!

  12. Angie says:

    How do all those folks have the same umbrellas? A nice crisp salad and a glass of iced coffee is my favorite way to beat the heat, although you can twist my arm with some ice cream! Nothing special planned to mark the entry into September – I am trying to pretend that summer is not ending … thanks for hosting!

  13. PAINOFORTE says:

    Balboa Park is wonderful, Jesh! We loved it when we visited. Isn’t the organ magnificent! A little piano music from me this week 🙂

  14. my goodness it has been hot in the northern hemisphere this year. Those colourful umbrellas make a delightful vista, but can anyone see the performance?

  15. CHESS says:

    PS: Thanks for hosting!

  16. What a beautiful ice cream churn! Lovely series of photos. Here in Scotland we are beginning to feel the seasonal change. Children go back to school, then bang,it’s autumn! Thanks for hosting and sharing.
    Have a great week Jesh.

  17. Debbie Smyth says:

    I hide things in the same way! Glad you found it again
    I’ve gone hot for my all seasons this week

  18. betty - NZ says:

    A clever way to beat the heat! I’m happy for you that you found your jewelry box! I know the feeling as I found some money that I had ‘put away’ and forgotten about!

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