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   Hello Seasons Bloggers

The photo link is open from Sunday Aug 5 through Wednesday Aug 8 till 7 pm Pacific time.

Many thanks for your lovely captures of last week! It called for a very pleasant break from my editing!

My week
It has been in the nineties to 100+F and  at least three large fires burning around us

So you know I’m not being dramatic
– In the N. the Carr fire ( 145 thousand acres, 45 % contained), Redding which has asked 12 lives and that of a firefighter.

A fire W. from us at Clear Lake “River fire”,  47 thousand acres,  50% contained and Ranch fire,  181 thousand acres, 22 % contained

and South of us – near and in W of Yosemite Nat. Park – 81 thousand acres, 35 % contained).
The numbers are staggering, eh? We probably have fire fighters from other states helping.

Last Sunday, when the previous All Seasons was posted, I was in Vacaville
(1 1/2 hrs. S.W.) with friends for lunch, and we could see ashes on the cars. Sun shining dimly, a faint smell of smoke.

Last Tuesday getting up in the morning I smelled smoke, so that was an alert to start packing,
for now we only have one (smaller) car to stash our belongings.
We heard it was 10 miles away, (fires can spread very quickly since I live in the forest) but fortunately they must have had this one under control quickly.

This is the 4th summer in the mountains, and only one summer the fires were too far away that we didn’t smelled smoke or ashes.

Hubs brought up a very reassuring point. The studio is a metal barn, so “that is the last to go” which means I have less worry about that in case of a fire! I’ll have to check about windows in a fire though …
(for you outside the USA, 90 % of the residential houses here are built from wood – not only the inside, but also the outside!).




When living on an island, you need a boat:)
the view here is at Balboa Island (South California)















letting the day pass by
with  a good book, pottering in the garden,
doing a water color,
finishing that sweater from last winter
or  building a dog house, a chicken coup, or a race cart
for your child or grand



enjoying the  ice plant cover





listening to the songs of the ocean




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24 Comments Add yours

  1. prior.. says:

    Hope all of the fires 🔥 are extinguished and hard to believe it is four summers there now – I have been connected with you via blog (on and off) for a while
    Now and quite glad

  2. jesh stg says:

    Am quite glad too Yvette, meeting you this way:) It doesn’t seem it has been more than 4 years I’ve been at wordpress! Met so many interesting bloogers. Hopefully I’ll meet some more in person!
    unfortunately the fires are still burning:(

  3. prior.. says:

    Oh I know –
    Sending up prayers for the fires to cease and not cause a lot more damage and for safety for everyone 🙏😊

  4. We saw smoke all the way down here. Stay safe!! Lovely photos, really liked the one of the ocean.


  5. Angie says:

    We share your anxiety about fires, given that we live in the forest and our house is made of logs. Earlier this summer, we actually met with a couple of fire specialists from the department of natural resources, and they gave us advice on how to further protect our home. It was free! I like your pictures this week – calming … thanks for hosting All Seasons!

  6. kenschneider says:

    Well, I had no trouble finding the comments section today! Those fires must be interfering with your Internet connections. While in New Mexico we lived at the edge of the National Forest, so we had a few lightning-caused fires up on the mountain in front of our house, but all were quickly extinguished by tanker planes and helicopters– nothing on the scale of those in California. Stay safe!

  7. betty - NZ says:

    Great series of photos, as always! The fires are such a scary thing. Sorry I’ve been MIA–still waiting for a part for my laptop.

  8. Carol says:

    Stay safe – fires are so horrifying.

  9. Jackie says:

    When I think I don’t do anything in a day I realize from your post that I do. Water plants, work on knitting play with posts.

  10. Relaxing shots! The sound of the ocean is my favourite. Have a great week ahead!

  11. Jeanna says:

    You seem pretty calm about it J., maybe knowing the facts and keeping updated help or more probably are essential. Ten miles is very close, I hope you have your bags and a survival kit packed and a route planned. Maybe the metal barn can be temporary storage for things you can’t take. I remember seeing it rain ashes from a fire and I couldn’t comprehend what was going on so you can’t be prepared enough when it gets closer.
    I love the ice plant pic, btw.
    Yes, the numbers are staggering and I would be freaking out! I hope you have some masks, I would think they make ones adequate for smoke in your neck of the burning woods.
    Take care, please keep me in the loop.

  12. Kelleyn says:

    I want to sit in that chair under the umbrella drinking a glass of lemonade. Hope it has a coastal view.

  13. May these be the last enormous fires this season. Being ready for evacuation is a frightful thought. Hoping you come through the fire season find and well, Jesh.

  14. Jill Foley says:

    Fire season is devastating…so glad you are safe

  15. Thankful the fires are far from you, but so frightening anyway. it is too dry here as well, but so far we are spared what parts of California and Washington are going through. I like your puttery day — that is what most of mine are like!!! Thanks so much for hosting.

  16. TRIPTYCH says:

    Glad to hear the fires were controlled before they got too close to you, Jesh. Here in Australia we have lots of bushfires so I know what it’s like, I sympathise fully with you. Lovely shots from you again this week.

  17. Sounds really scary – stay safe! Love the little boat …
    Best wishes …. Happy Monday!

  18. TEMPUS says:

    PS: Thanks for hosting!

  19. Klara S says:

    I hope fires will go away soon….
    It’s good to have a day just passing by…
    Thank you for hosting…

  20. You have had some horrific fires over there. We have seen some of them on the TV news. I think some firefighters have gone over from Australia. We have bad bush fires here too, and my son is involved in the logistics planning when there is a fire in our area. I hope the fires are contained soon.

  21. TRIO says:

    We have ice plant in our garden also, Jesh and it grows like a weed! When controlled it is a very pretty filler-in!

  22. I hope they get the fires contained, and knocked down soon without further loss of life and property.

    Your images are lovely! I really liked the succulent in bloom.

    Take good care, be safe, and say hi to Hubs for me. 😊 xx

  23. California is always a tinderbox, just waiting to burn. You sure do have an amazing amount of fires up there. So sad!
    If you were still down here, you’d have a major fire also. I’m sure you’ve heard about it already. It started in Trabuco Canyon yesterday. Last night it crawled over the mountains and is now heading for the Lake Elsinore area. You can see it from all over south OC.

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