Hello All Seasons Bloggers,

The link this open this week from Sunday July 29 through Wednesday August 1 till 7pm, Pacific time. Taking off one more week from my weekly posts -to do more editing!

July was a beautiful month – no matter what the seasons was in your neighborhood. I have enjoyed your Seasons post, and I hope you did too! Many thanks for your effort and awesome captures!
Hope August will be a terrific month for you!

Haven’t been on my blog for at least 4 whole days – wow, that must be a record!
But I have been whole days on the computer, and evenings to edit a book I started some years ago. Wanted first to go the official route of sending in my manuscript to a publisher, but it looks like right now, self-publishing becomes more and more a trend, and is much cheaper.

Unless I’m getting a slew of questions about an e-book, I’m not planning on it. For the simple reason that I don’t like  to read from a small screen for hours. How about you?



Miss my flower garden I had at my previous house (that was before the condo), but fortunately there are plenty of flower gardens in  California to visit.

Came by here in winter.  The gate With the “Flower Garden ” sign intrigued me, and I love that wall!




White Flowers in Huntington Botanical Garden





One of hubs captures – have no recollection where this was taken.





Garden of a friend, whose brother is a horticulturist





White Camellia

How much are flowers in your life?
I’m a flower addict, so I miss ’em
on my breakfast table, desk, night stand, side board,
window sill, hall table, and anything-else-table!




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20 Comments Add yours

  1. Angie says:

    Flowers are a HUGE part of my life. I haven’t looked, but I doubt there is a single post of mine that lacks flowers. Since my retirement, I have had more time to pay attention to types of flowers, and it is remarkable how many places have similar plants. Thanks for hosting All Seasons, and enjoy your upcoming week!!!

  2. Carol says:

    Lovely flowers – wishing you a fabulous August!

  3. Jackie says:

    I, too miss my garden from the house before this condo. But then think of all the work and don’t miss it!

    I love e-books and that is the only way I read now, either on a tablet or on my phone.

  4. Dan Antion says:

    Camellias were my mother’s favorite flower. Finding them in Pittsburgh and then Iowa was never easy. The last ones I gave her were silk.

  5. Awesome, Jesh, about your book project. Cheers to you!

  6. Jeanna says:

    I miss flowers too and didn’t have any plants when I had Dexter but now that I don’t I’m not going to put out any flowers or plants until I get the storage situation sorted cuz it does not look flower worthy in here. I love that wall as well with the dead vines and textures and what looks like a small tree growing out of the roof. Funny I was just thinking about the healing of flowers today.

  7. I’m loving summer and the exuberance of seasonal vegetation, especially roses.
    Beautiful wall – an artwork for those who see it’s beauty.
    Thank you Jesh….have a great week!

  8. Beautiful series of lovely flowers. Enjoy your summery new week!

  9. BLOOD MOON says:

    Flowers are very much a part of our life and thankfully our house has a front and back flower garden, Jesh. That means we always have fresh flowers in the house.
    Lovley shots in your post!

  10. PS: Sending you some yellow winter flowers from our garden, Jesh…
    Our mild winters are kind to plants.

  11. GREENS says:

    Even without flowers, anything growing and green is lovely outside or inside the house!

  12. Good luck with the book. I don’t like e-readers either. There is nothing like a hard copy book in your hands. I love flowers and an eagerly awaiting spring and the wildflowers. Happy editing!

  13. Pat says:

    I love flowers but growing them here in my area of Colorado is a challenge as we have much wildlife that eats them all!

  14. I love flowering plants. I love seeing them in the garden and I typically don’t cut them. The photos you shared are beautiful, specially love that wall photo. Have fun working on the book. I read on anything, screen or paper, if there are written words on it, I read 🙂


  15. Great photos!
    I love flowers of all kinds, even the wild ones that some people call weeds!

  16. I love flowers, but I wasn’t born with a green thumb. My Camilla, and flowering Plum tree are both dead. They’re both about 28 yrs old. I wonder if they’ve lived their lives? We’re cutting them down this fall, and I’ll doctor up the soil and replace them. I have a little lavender and Lantana blooming now. My Hydrangea has bloomed for the season. I sure do admire all the gardens and yards that have flowers around my neighborhood.

    The flowers you posted are lovely! Best of luck with the book!

  17. Beautiful flower photos — like you, nowadays I enjoy them in other people’s gardens (I sometimes call it ‘stealing’ flowers — but I only mean by taking pictures, not the actual flower).And I’ve been buying bouquets from local flower farmers this summer — bringing a touch of the garden into the house.

  18. jesh stg says:

    Hello Soma, sorry I have been absent the last two weeks on my normal weekly blog as well as email! Thank you for all your nice recent comments:):)When I had flowers, I only cut overflow, or when I wanted to paint one. Ugh, editing I consider “work” (not writing – that is fun!), so whenever I do get in the mood, I push through, because next week I may decide I’m not in the mood, haha.

  19. jesh stg says:

    Wow, Deborah, if I would be so lucky to have lived 28 years in one place!! Fifteen years was the longest. But I do recognize, travel probably belongs to my destiny in life. Why I still haven’t planted flowers, is finding a good place to out chicken (or other) wire, because of the deer, and the squirrels dig also into the soil!
    Remember I was thinking about Yosemite this year? I waited too long! Because now they have a fire close to the W-entrance. Do you get ashes from the at Redding?

  20. Hi Jesh, no ash, but we’ve had the smoke off and on. It’s windy today so clear. Sadly, it’s not going to help the firefighters any.

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