This week the link is open on Sunday April 22 to Wednesday April  25  till 7 pm, Pacific time.
(Don’t pay attention to the end date of the linky – I will have changed it by then – -the dates above are the good ones!)

Oh boy, this is the most up and down spring I have ever experienced. Last Tuesday when I was replying to your contributions, it began to snow!!
In contrast, your steady weekly  linkups of your season are so appreciated!
Love that you share with everyone how things are on your side, and visit, seeing how others live.  We have a very international company of people here:):)

Since this week are two special days: earth day and Anzac Day (Australia),
I share one of my special days , and post some images of the 4 hours drive West to Santa Barbara while living in the Los Angeles suburbs. Santa Barbara is a college town, close to the picturesque town of Solvang, with all kinds of Danish bakeries, houses, etc.
When I started graduate work, I remember that Santa Barbara did not a good reputation among my studious friends. “Never go there,” they told me, “it’s a party town – they never study!” From looking at the very busy patios of the restaurants, full of college age people, my study friends might have had a point there.

For you who do not live in the USA, the 4th of July is probably the busiest national holiday (Independence Day) after Christmas and Thanksgiving – all kinds of parades, games, and at its close fireworks at night.
When traffic on the fourth in San Diego became too stressful to handle (talking about 20 min. or longer to find a parking place!)   we changed to spending it in Santa Barbara or Solvang (not the one in Denmark, but in California!).





The fog hangs till noon over the hills, even in the summer.
The contrasts are really this strong here.




Even though the sky is not clear, the coast of California is a breath of fresh air.
People are happy to be out of the city:)




Closer to Santa Barbara, the landscape becomes more hilly. Many vineyards and orchards
and other trees here.





A sleepy little town Santa Inez ten minutes before entering Santa Barbara.
This is the outside of a furniture store. Maye a little too casual?
What do you think?



Wherever you are and whatever your weather looks like,
remember when it’s bad: this too shall pass!!





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20 Comments Add yours

  1. Carol says:

    I live in Florida where everything is casual so I like the look of the furniture store. A sort of coastal look don’t you think?

  2. Santa Barbara is so lovely!

  3. My aim is to have our back yard look kinda like that furniture store, sans the water feature. Too much responsibility in cleaning that. lol Have a wonderful week, Jesh.

  4. That is a nice store front — not too casual at all in my opinion — it would attract me because of the way the ‘yard’ looks. We loved that area when we traveled through there and always thought we’d like to spend more time there. Thanks so much for hosting.

  5. I really like Solvang and Santa Inez. It’s been a few years since I was last there. Now I’m ready for a danish pastry! šŸ™‚

  6. Jeanna says:

    I don’t know much about Santa Barbara but do know what it’s like living in a college town and at some point it gets annoying. But there will always be businesses and something interesting going on because of it. I like that shot of Santa Inez, looks more my speed. What a pretty coast and hill shots.

  7. Thank you for the views of Santa Barbara. My blogging “friend” has a daughter who lives there. Here in Australia we are thinking of our fallen soldiers on Anzac Day.

  8. Angie says:

    I can easily envision myself on the veranda of the house (vineyard store?) overlooking the vineyard, glass of wine in hand! I like the casual vibe of the set-up outside the furniture store – I would be much more likely to enter than a stuffy-looking formal store! Thanks for hosting All Seasons!

  9. I loved visiting Santa Inez on a trip to California years ago. That entire area was so peaceful and beautiful. I hope the fires of last summer did not ruin some of the scenery there?

  10. Jackie says:

    I’ve seen quite a bit of California and admit I do love it!
    I have an Anzac post tomorrow.

  11. kenschneider says:

    We have enjoyed our California visits, and your photos are beautiful. We just arrived up to our second home in NE Illinois. For the past two weeks they have had very cold and snowy weather, but now it is getting up into the 50’s F and it feels refreshing after the early heat spell we had experienced in Florida.

  12. Leaf & Trunk says:

    We loved Santa Barbara when we visited there, Jesh! It was relaxed and carefree and very different to many of the other US cities we had visited until then. We also met some very friendly and hospitable locals there and that always makes one’s visit special to a any place. Lovely photos you’ve shared today!

  13. I unashamedly purloined your idea about the festive days of April, Jesh, and made up my mosaic.
    Lovely photos and words in your post as always!

  14. PEACE says:

    PS: Thank you for hosting!

  15. jesh stg says:

    You must be feeling better when thinking about pastries:):) Here it became around the 70ties on Sunday and will be for a few days-yay!

  16. Here too it’s been warm. It feels great!

  17. betty - NZ says:

    It looks like a fabulous place. The scenery is stunning and I love the front of the furniture store!

  18. Thanks for the reminder to join Seasons this week, Jesh. Especially since you’ve mentioned Anzac Day, such an important day for Australia and New Zealand.

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