Hello Seasons Bloggers,

This week is from Sunday April15 through Wednesday April 18 to 7pm, Pacific time.
Am posting this a little earlier than normal because I am at a conference on Saturday in another city  and don’t know if I can make it to the computer in time  for the early birds to link:)

Wow, such a variety of experiences in this season – am hesitant to call it …Spring, since we keep having such large dips in temperature and repeatedly snow in the forecast.

As always it was a pleasure all your beautiful, interesting, and witty posts and enjoy your photos!!! And such large variety of experiences – love it!


Instead of sending  emails,  this is a repeat where we at  All Seasons hold to

  • one photo on the link list per url (blog address)
  • for people who provide links in  their post to other blogs (I call them meme owners),
    please use another post with photo for All Seasons, otherwise it is a form of advertising!
  • Thank you to hold to both. To be fair to the other participants in that position,  your photo will otherwise be deleted, and I really do not want to do that.
  • Your photos do not need to be “new” and you can make use of archive photos

Last week we had a boat ride in Holland, and this week is to get you up to date with how things around here


Cherry blossoms




You never know who you are going to meet in the forest:)





On nice days cows in repose, but in other areas, storm of snow for the weekend!




Your turn to share what your Season has brought you this week!




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19 Comments Add yours

  1. Carol says:

    Lovely photos Jesh. Hope your week is wonderful.

  2. Your encounters in the forest are enchanting…
    Have an interesting weekend!

  3. Klara S says:

    Beautiful spring shots. Here we have warmer and colder days, but day by day we have more flowers 🙂
    Thank you for hosting.

  4. Kelleyn says:

    WOW! That deer has so much personality!

  5. Sasa S. says:

    Lovely spring photos.

  6. I always feel like God has blessed me when I come across wildlife such as deer. How often do we get to cross paths with other animals. I’m seeing blossoms on our fruit trees too. Our apricot trees surprised us this week with tiny fruits. I hope they all make it through the next two months. Cheers, Jesh!

  7. Jeanna says:

    I hope you’re in enjoying your conference and the weather holds out for you there and back. It snowed here again last night and it’s the real kind of sticking snow although it’s leaving some slushy puddles which I am about to go out into.
    That’s such a beautiful sight, the cherry blossom. The tree in the last shot looks as if it’s taking on a wind storm all by itself. You got a lot of deer in that shot, nicely done, they are usually walking across the street here and when I stop to snap a pic they take off.
    I hope you mean don’t link up more than once like I have, lol. You very gracious about telling me too. Because my post has many photos.

  8. The kids were looking at little crabs in the water. I imagine during high tide the rocks are covered with water , but there is so much sealife in the little pools of water.

  9. the change of seasons is such a lovely time of year. Downunder in Australia we are in autumn.

  10. Lovely photo of the deer, Jesh, but the last photo of the trees is my fave!

  11. lapaylor says:

    Jesh, I don’t quite understand the rules you stated. Am I doing it right? That’s all I need to know… if not what should I do differently? Not entering this week because I don’t want to be incorrect.
    I do a positive post on Thursdays, all the things I found to like that week, and other people do it with me. Is that okay or not for this party? I sure hope so… LeeAnna

  12. Angie says:

    Now that we are in our new house (as of Saturday), we are seeing deer all the time … but not a flower blossom anywhere … and still snow on the ground … Thanks for hosting!

  13. Love the deer! Beautiful cherry blooms too
    Thanks for hosting this fun meme!

  14. The deer are so sweet and the spring blossoms are lovely — and kind of make me homesick — because they are more like the trees we used to see in Oregon … it is so different here in Florida! Thank you for hosting!!!

  15. The deer are so sweet and the spring blossoms are lovely — and kind of make me homesick — because they are more like the trees we used to see in Oregon … it is so different here in Florida! Thank you for hosting!!!

  16. betty - NZ says:

    Your first photo is just magnificent with the lovely sunshine! And the creatures are so cool to see.

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