Hello All Seasons Bloggers,
The link this week is from Sunday April  8 through Wednesday April 11 to 7 pm, Pacific time.
You are genuine friends, if you log on to All Seasons on an Easter Sunday. Am blown away by your support, and how highly you value All Seasons! Many many thanks!

Also I could tell  by contributing myself to various memes  throughout this week, many are away from their computer. If you were away, welcome back and let’s “do” Spring or Fall. In California they don’t say, “Lets have some lunch,” or “let’s go for lunch.” They say, “Let’s do lunch.

The calendar of April shows several special days –
April      1 – Easter
April  11   –  The Holocaust Remembrance Day
April  22  –   Earth Day
April  25  –   Anzac Day (Australia)
April  27  –   Arbor Day

Please let me know if you know of other events or celebrations
Hope you all had some good things going on Easter weekend:)



Last time we were in the Netherlands, we met with more young people than the ones of our own age.  But that is general not unusual for us. In between two art workshops we went with a Dutch couple we had met in the States. To Giethoorn for a day out.
(ie is pronounced as ee,  such as geethoorn.   oo means a long o, as in over)

Translation on the board:  the most beautiful spot in Giethoorn
Orange : this must be Venice. Have fun and shop  (not a literal translation, but this is what it means)

Do you see it has a thatched roof? In historic places you will see several. The red-white gargoyle window shutters are very typical for Holland.



Giethoorn  is known as the Northern Venice, since most of the “streets” are water ways. All the locals have more than one boat. And many houses (more than 18o wooden bridges) are connected with another street by a wooden bridge over the canal.  The size of the town and the crowds are not comparable to the Venice in Italy, but this is still a tourist town. Very popular with Chinese (between 150 thousand and 200 thousand yearly) and other foreigners.

We most often rent a car when going to our country of origin, just for the sake of time, and saving energy. Good, because Giethoorn is in the middle of nowhere (like Las Vegas, very touristy in itself, but takes some effort to get there). It is between Zwolle and  Leewarden or Groningen, just to give you an idea, it is in the N.E. of Holland




Whatever boat you fancy ! (45 min. away in Kampen)  you can’t escape boats in the Netherlands:)



A station to get your boat repaired. a must for a town like Giethoorn !




Imagine this front yard to be yours …

What ever floats your boat in April, take courage and do it!  Am also talking to myself here, because the subject of my last large painting is a controversial one and is almost finished. Now I need to find out in which ways to show it.





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21 Comments Add yours

  1. Angie says:

    Giethoorn has enchanted me … especially the shot of the canal in the sunlight with the bridge in the middle distance. Another place to add to my ‘must visit’ list!

  2. Kelleyn says:

    What a beautiful place! We will be in Holland in two weeks! We are going to see the tulips!

  3. Carol says:

    I’ve seen photos of this beautiful place before and have always wanted to visit. Thanks for sharing your trip!

  4. Jackie says:

    How funny that I titled my post this week “Let’s Do Lunch”!!!! Thanks for the reminder of the days coming up. I will use it to do some reposts.

  5. Thank you for hosting and for this wonderful tour of Giethoorn — I loved it! Beautiful thatched roof building and the canal homes!! Wow. I would love to visit this area, but it sounds like you would have to plan to spend quite some time in the Netherlands in order to get to all of the fascinating places, especially this one which is rather remote. We love watery places, so I know we’d love the country! (And we do live on a Canal here in Fort Myers, with our boat dock in front or back (however you look at it) t but our homes here are absolutely nothing like those wonderful ones believe me. That said, there are lots of wealthy people with waterfront homes in other neighborhoods in this part of Florida — but that is not us — we are in an RV resort . (Still able to enjoy the same water though and wouldn’t have it any other way! !)

  6. Hello,
    what beautiful images of Giethoorn! I like The Netherlands, I was there a few years ago and visited some places, including Amsterdam.
    I am sure in Italy we will celebrate Earth Day in April.
    Thank you very much for hosting. Have a rich week ahead!

  7. It looks so tranquil there. Not crowded or touristy at all. I shall imagine myself floating down the canals in one of the boats. Have a wonderful week.

  8. We loved this picturesque village when we visited, Jesh. We also met some lovely friendly people there. Gorgeous shots!

  9. I’ve visited Venice a few times so I would like to visit Giethoorn one day and compare the experiences. It looks very beautiful!

  10. AUTUMN says:

    PS: Thanks for hosting!

  11. oh these canals are delightful & cement my childhood idea that Holland has water everywhere! Have a lovely week and enjoy spring!

  12. Hmmm, I’m intrigued, Jesh. Now I want to see your last painting so much. I thrive on controversy 🙂

  13. handmade by amalia says:

    I love the photos of the canals. Thanks for another lovely party.

  14. kenschneider says:

    Wonderful images of “North Venice!” For our Greek friends who are Eastern Orthodox, Easter occurred a week later. Last time this happened we were in Illinois and had a wonderful feast with our daughter’s neighbors– a lamb roasted in the back yard and many family members, including the Patriarch who flew in from Greece and tended to the barbecue spit.

  15. betty - NZ says:

    This looks like a place from a different time. I love it!

  16. Looks like a charming place!

  17. Beautiful!
    Have a wonderful week!

  18. Margy says:

    Thanks for stopping by to comment on my blog post about weather watching. I am a California native. I was born and grew up in Compton then we moved to Long Beach when I was in high school. After Wayne and I got married we moved to Pomona and lived near the LA County Fairgrounds. We could walk rather than battle the traffic. Wayne came from Upstate New York but lived in SoCal for many years. Sometimes things just work out. We traveled a lot in our airplane and always kept an eye out for someplace we would like to retire. We discovered the float cabin in 2001 and just knew that was it. It wasn’t an easy choice being in a different country, but you know about that coming to the States from the Netherlands. But it was the right move for us. Thanks for asking. – Margy

  19. Jeanna says:

    Your painting sounds intriguing, I hope you talk more about it and post a pic when you’re finished.
    That sounds like a beautiful place to get lost and how cool are those little boat garages. I didn’t notice the thatched house and don’t know if I’ve ever seen one in person.
    I guess the next day to celebrate after the 27th is my birthday when I leave town and commune with nature.
    Hope your snow-loving neighbors don’t get their way and it’s warm and green down your way.

  20. What a beautiful cottage and place!

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