This 9 x 7 feet painting took ten years in the making!
close to be finished …


At first sight a simplistic and innocent painting, but one of the characteristics of many of my work is to paint it in a way that is “slightly off!”
What is slightly “off” here, is that people have decided when it is the convenient time to have a baby, or not.

Am now retired as a therapist, but had at one time several clients who were haunted for 20 years by their choice to abort their baby. There was also a young lady who had aborted five times and was only 25 years old. As a Christian I was struggling with all these unknown facts, such as, where do babies go when  they are aborted, till I had a dream one time.

I was standing in front of a waver thin transparent separation which I could not cross, only watch. I saw adults and angels  making young children ready for school. It was clearly not on earth but in heaven.  Since I was a therapist I told nobody, not even my hubby about this dream.
When I was doing an artwork shop at a conference of several churches, someone asked me, “Do you also paint dreams of others?” I shook my head. Within 2 weeks (she later became a social worker) she moved from Northern CA, seven hours away to South CA, 10 min. away from my house, because her dad had gotten ill!
The miracle in this is that whole area of Los Angeles is a basin with a freeway system where you can drive for three hours and still not be at your destination.

We started getting together for coffee. That’s when she told me that she had
a dream about a painting as big as a wall
and on it were children with in their hand what they would become as adults, like a fire truck, an air plane, a sheet of cookies, a stethoscope, etc. Jesus  was there, so this was in heaven.
Very uncharacteristic to her, because she’s pretty unemotional, she started crying. That dream had been so compelling to her, but she only could draw stick figures.

I could paint, but it took me about ten years before I had the guts to start painting bigger than 24 x 30 inch canvases. This RED LINE is 7 x 9 feet.

Why would I post a painting that is not finished? Because it maybe changing this year, that Roe vs. Wade will be overturned. You may know that later in life Margaret Singer became a Christian. After seeing on video which gruesome things they do with baby parts  there is no more doubt in my mind that we as people crossed

deciding who is to live and who is to die

What’s on the painting?

On top: One time, when painting the Lion and the Lamb (24 x 30), meant for children, I painted a rainbow sky. This was before the LGBT community started using that as a symbol.  Then later, I read a book of a little boy who went to heaven, but came back to earth. One of his descriptions of heaven was that the sky was a rainbow.

On the left, angels who were taking the babies  from earth in a little basket to heaven. There they were cared for in a nursery

On the Bottom: the red line where children stood with in their  hands: their destiny in life.

Middle left: Jesus asking the little boy what his dream was. Instantly a landscape of vineyards appeared. The boy answered he wanted to make wine. Jesus blessed him and replied, “You would be excellent at it! Look at you, you already have the green clothes on!”

Middle Right: adults and angels helping the kids in the morning to get ready for school.

Bottom Left: the lady who had the dream/vision about the children who stood on the red line (the red line is my addition). I painted her with her finger on the Bible, as she had for a few years a meme with a Bible verse

Bottom right: the painter who saw these scenes when the rays of heaven reached her through this door.

I do not mind if you have an opposing view, as long as you communicate this in a civil manner. I will delete nasty comments


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  1. The abortion rate was lower last year than it was before Roe v Wade. The way to bring it even lower is to encourage use of birth control and provide women with resources for taking care of their families so that they don’t feel desperate. Also, there needs to be help for women who feel pressured into abortion by their parents or husbands. I had a friend in the 1960’s whose husband beat her in the abdomen to try to force a miscarriage! She felt she had no alternative to staying with this beast and it was years before she finally divorced him.

  2. myforever77 says:

    I also paint so I admire you for painting a subject that many will not admit the truth of the consequence I was told also that abortion is another cause of breast cancer because it upsets the hormones in the women. Not to mention it is against the Commandment of God. I admire your stand and your cause.

  3. jesh stg says:

    It took me 10 years before I was ready to paint this big. That was more my fear of being able to paint this than the subject, because I know women are haunted with guilt. To paint this, would be a confirmation for them that God forgives, and they will see this “baby” later in heaven. Thank you for answering my question!
    Even though I am not an activist, I can’t wait till Roe vs. Wad will be overturned:)

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