The ones who had a winter had a long cold winter. The ones who had summer, had a long hot summer.  April needs to be nice to us, so we can get used  to our next season.





Two roll down balcony doors, having some capuccino on a quiet afternoon (during siesta – no one in the streets except for tourist like us!) in Carrera, Italy.

Outside Carrera marble has been quarried for a few centuries, since Leonardo Da Vinci.  Another time I’ll show the marble site.
Travel Tue, Tue Treasure

In California time, I am still in the Easter mood, since I am Dutch, and in several countries in Europe they have Easter Monday added on (as well as a second Christmas day after the first). So am leisurely this week:)




Detail  of one of the roll down doors on the second floor of the restaurant.
Thurs. Doors





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There is often still a faint mist present when the sun is shining.
Leaves are not all there yet, but soon they will appear!
Weekend Reflection




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32 Comments Add yours

  1. fun60 says:

    I would really appreciate some dry, sunny weather if you could arrange that for me. Thank you.8

  2. Angie says:

    I love the way the road winds around your reflection shot. Awesome! It makes me want to drive it ….

  3. I agree with you: April should be nice to us!

  4. …for us April is a tug-a-war month, it doesn’t know if it’s still winter or summer.

  5. drmargy says:

    Beautiful moon shot. We have Easter Monday holiday here in Canada too. – Margy

  6. I love this springweather…. I hope it stays for a long time 😉

  7. It snowed on April 2 in ALB. It’s gone away, but STILL…!

  8. That’s a cool moon photo. I opened the kitchen window yesterday morning to see it high in the sky. That’s always a pleasant surprise. If the weather guys are correct, we’ll be having more rain off and on for the next week. Hurrah! I’m trying to get as many transplants into the ground to take advantage of it. Cheers, Jesh!

  9. Norm 2.0 says:

    A nice April would be a good thing indeed *fingers crossed*

  10. Lovely photos, Jesh. Those are very impressive roll down doors, too. Here in Ireland, we are still having winter temperatures but there are lots of spring flowers coming into bloom, with daffodils brightening up the roadsides all over the place.

  11. jesh stg says:

    Oh my, was that a surprize, or does that happen more where you live?

  12. Lovely all, but that last photo of the pine and the sky shows my favourite colour palette when I look up. Thanks for this!

  13. Jim says:

    Good shot.

  14. Some wonderful shots again, Jesh. The beautiful macro and the shot of the pool are my favorites this time.
    At the end of another rather grey and chilly week, the sun is shining now. Possibly the temperatue will rise just enough to sit in the garden for a while this afternoon.
    Greetings from the Netherlands.

  15. 20 degrees F here this morning in NH. If only winter would lose its grip on us. 🙂 Love your roll down doors. Very interesting. I also appreciate the beautiful shots of nature. 🙂

  16. I especially love the photo of the moon – it’s lovely

  17. Kelleyn says:

    Happy April! Love the pine tree and moon photo! Have a great weekend!

  18. jesh stg says:

    Sorry, you have to wait a little longer:) The doors are taken in Italy, the nature shots are from the area I live.

  19. Enjoy your leisure time, Jesh! I haven’t seen roll down doors in Italy before but if we ever get a chance to retur I’ll look for them. Nice poems and photos!

  20. Jeanna says:

    April isn’t being too nice to us, lol. At least this last blanket of snow melted in a day or two. I love the moon shot, my nephew called that a “day moon” when he was little. Beautiful flowers. I wish I were in Italy right now!

  21. Peter B says:

    I love the idea of two days for Easter and Christmas!! Beautiful photos. My fav is the reflection shot. Have a nice weekend!

  22. What pretty flowers! Have a great weekend.

  23. ladyfi says:

    I love those scenes from Italy! Here’s hoping for some sun in April. (Snowed yesterday again.)

  24. Joyful says:

    Beautiful place in Italy you are sharing with us. Enjoy your time there!

  25. nannie2four says:

    I enjoyed all your fotos, but those colorful doors might be my favorite. I understand about not wanting Easter to end…but it truly never does for the CHRISTian! HOPE you have a wonderful weekend!

  26. James says:

    What a beautiful scene for a reflection. Spring is here and the leaves and flowers are slowly starting to bloom. ;_)

  27. betty - NZ says:

    Such a lovely variety of scenes! The roll-up doors would totally intrigue me 🙂 I have to agree that I, too, hope April is nice. We have snow predicted for the south island tomorrow, so it doesn’t sound very nice in my corner of the world!

  28. jammy7000 says:

    Lovely shots, Jesh! I wish April is full of gentle breezes, smiling sun and fragrant roses for you.
    Thank you for taking part in the “Travel Tuesday Meme”.

  29. Sean Mahan says:

    This looks so cool! Love the pictures!

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