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Hello All Seasons Bloggers,

Lovely images in your posts for All Seasons! I always have a great time keeping up with your seasons and reading your stories!

If I have missed to reply on some of you, I apologize, because the week before, I started working  daily in the studio.
Hubby is very supportive, takes care of two fires (one in the house, and one in the studio) cooks dinner, and checks my straight lines (haha)!

It only seems last week we had New Year! When I looked at the calendar, it is going to be EASTER next weekend!

We can only can celebrate Easter, because there was first Good Friday. Even though it rescued us as human beings, it was also a horrid event of a death caused by a false accusations.
The photo in the middle is related to Good Friday (the fish),
and the one on the bottom is because I have spring in my head! Although you could say in a way that fish is associated with water and ships.



This was on Friday in my studio – still needing several layers of clothes (with the wood stove on! ) After the 10 x 17 feet, painting a second 9 x 7 feet. This may be the last huge one, but who knows … going big is addicting!






A delightful store of an artist who has represented his art in  ceramics for 25 + years here in the Gia Via Del Biscione  in Lucca, Italy.
Only know that long street name, because once a blogger was interested in this shop, and asked me for the location.
Since at the end of this week it will be Good Friday,  several fish here, a symbol of the Christians in the beginning of their history when they were persecuted by the Romans.





In awe of the workmanship of masts and ladders going up. I could be a (friendly) pirate looking for lost treasures!
In San Diego’s harbor





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19 Comments Add yours

  1. Oh, another HUGE painting in the works! Looking forward to seeing the progress and finished painting.

    I bet that ceramic shop is wonderful.

    I love the tall ships!

    It’s supposed to start warming up next week. Hopefully it will warm up there too!

  2. Nice view of the ship masts.
    Have a good Sunday and thanks for hosting!

  3. Debbie Smyth says:

    Have a great spring Jesh – I’m sure you’ll appreciate an increase in temperature

  4. Jackie says:

    I love your header photo!

  5. Marleen says:

    I’m happy to be back at All Seasons 🙂 Wow that painting you are making is huge!

  6. kenschneider says:

    Beautiful ceramic ware, and great POV for the ship mast. Good luck with your big projects, and have a Happy Holy Week!

  7. I have never attempted an art piece so large as the one in your post. It looks like quite a challenge. I love the photo of the storefront in Lucca.
    Thank you for visiting my blog.

  8. Carol says:

    Hope you’ll share a photo of your big canvase when finished. Love the colorful plates at that shop. Stay warm Jesh!

  9. Angie says:

    What dedication – many layers of clothing, standing on a platform … I can’t wait to see the finished product.

    In church today, they read the story of Christ’s crucifixion, and I cried, as I do every year. What an unbelievable sacrifice He made for us … enjoy your Holy Week and Easter!

    Thanks for hosting All Seasons!

  10. Klara S says:

    Always nice to see artist in work…
    San Diego harbour picture is lovely.
    Thank you for hosting.

  11. You have a wonderful hubby, Jesh. He sounds like the Husband in our household. This morning while Molly the Cat and I were working in the garden, he made pancakes for our breakfast. We are so fortunate. I loved seeing you at work. Such a HUGE painting. Good cheer to you. 🙂

  12. Jeanna says:

    I have fish on the brain too, but to eat. We just came back from a great German restaurant that has excellent fish and fried chicken. My fish was so big I had to take a pic of it but only with my phone. Your painting looks very impressive and it doesn’t seem right that you have to stoke a fire this late in March, but it also seems kind of romantic.
    I’m always grateful this time of year that I’m not in school no matter how many decades ago it was because we had to do the Stations of the Cross along with all the other church going. I still smell that awful incense.

  13. betty - NZ says:

    The ceramics are gorgeous, as I’m sure your painting will be, too! I love the pic of the sails and got very similar shots on our tour on a fantastic sailing vessel.

  14. Sallie says:

    We all find treasures when we visit your blog! Thanks for sharing them and for hosting. The big painting is so impressive … and it seems like it would be hard to work on when it is so cold!

  15. Great post, Jesh! I know what you mean about painting big canvases! Here is one I painted in one of the Universities I worked –
    You may have entered Spring, but here in the Antipodes, Autumn is coming!

  16. BIRDS says:

    PS: Thanks for hosting!

  17. No wonder you need the staircase for the big canvas. My grandsons have been discussing this morning whether they believe in the Easter Bunny or not. I guess they do when they want Easter eggs! Happy Easter to you.

  18. Wow! That is a big painting. Great photos also.

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