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Hello Everyone!

Many thanks for all your images and posts last week! They were a pleasure to read and look at:) Blogland would be so boring without you!!

Wow last week it has been an up and down week. From one day to another snow, and the next day in the 60ties, which has lasted all week. Took advantage of that “warm” weather to do laundry, for as you know I’ve gone over to dry my clothes by hanging them outside. But …. on Monday it ‘s 30 degr. at night, so … back to cold weather.



For Christmas, almost everyone of our circle,  gave us chocolate, so it has been my staple of treats till last week. I commented to hubby that I missed it,  and was therefore going to make chocolate chip cookies:)

So here you have your chocolate. If it’s blurry, it’s supposed to be  – took it through balance blue and magenta color, and two of my favorite filters: glass and diffuse glow. The image of the rose I took through some filters as well. Happy Valentine’s Day, you all!
With thanks to the packaging of the Trader Joe Store for this capture.




For a long time I thought Valentine was invented by business to sell chocolate and candies shaped in hearts . Until I read a news letter of someone who organizes trips to Ireland. I thought it was on one hand an agonizing story with a deathly end, even though he was there out of his own free will.
The fact that they killed him was not my idea of romance. On the other hand I have great respect for a love unto death! I guess that is the idea of the   “love” of Valentine that stuck.




Since it’s a post of blurry images, this one is unintended! Can’t figure out what happened, because all my snow images I shot while walking, not driving. It did snow on and off with some wind, so maybe  this is the result of that.




Let’s have fun and enjoy each others Seasons event!
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22 Comments Add yours

  1. Love that last image of the snow covered trees.

  2. Debbie Smyth says:

    I love the snowy one too – enough sharpness and enough blur. And very seasonal

  3. The rose looks vintage and I love the snow trees photo. It looks fabulous.


  4. Carol says:

    Enjoy your cookies. I always love visiting you.

  5. kenschneider says:

    If you hadn’t told the truth about the excellent blurry snow scene I would have thought it to have been contrived! The filtered rose is exquisite. Here I am at 5:00 AM anticipating my habitual after-dinner dark chocolate morsel!

  6. Mascha says:

    Blurry can have an especially moving touch (often we don’t want this, but it come – ). Had not known about Valentine, I’ve always thought, a flower seller made this holiday.
    I dry my laundry outdside too.
    Have a good new week

  7. The filtered rose is fabulous! Have a nice Valentine’s day!

  8. You certainly got an interesting effect on your snowy tree photo. Kind of spooky. It goes along with that valentine story of love and death that you mentioned. I told the Husband that I would make chocolate truffles for us on Valentine’s Day. We shall see. 🙂

  9. Beautiful wintery images. Congrats on going over to the green side with your laundry. We are allowed to hang outside here in our RV Park (it is not always true in resorts) but I don’t often take advantage of that I’m ashamed to say. Partly because half a century ago, I hung laundry outside (including diapers) in freezing weather…. we would take them off the line stiff as boards and let them thaw inside. Freeze-dried laundry! Anyway, I was pretty happy when we could afford a dryer — and I guess I still haven’t gotten over being grateful .

  10. Sherry Felix says:

    Snow picture is great.

  11. betty - NZ says:

    You can’t just leave us dangling about the Valentine’s story! Please tell me more!

    The last shot looks like the lens has some frost on it that would account for the fuzziness.

  12. I love the blurry images, especially the last one, Jesh! It really does give a great impression of a wintry walk.

  13. YARRA VALLEY says:

    Thanks for hosting, Jesh!

  14. I actually like the winter one blurry! It gives the photo some depth and movement. Kind of like a storm! The shutterspeed probably could not keep up from either the movement of you walking or from low light. Now chocolate you are taking my game. Actually craving some right now, but we are out and it is too cold out to run down to the store. Probably another good thing because I don’t need it.

  15. jesh stg says:

    Traudel, thank you for the explanation for Rosenmontag! It seems every country has their version of a festive parade! Here it’s mardi gras.

  16. We all love chocolate, whether it is related to Valentine or not. I loved your last blurring image. There is something mystical about it. Stay warm and enjoy your week and thank you again for the link up.

  17. jesh stg says:

    Thank you Sherry! Forgot you were on WordPress, so I went to your website, and read your “about.” You have quite a bio! Am impressed and surprised, because 2 of my friends who have a similar bio, are quite chatty. – guess we can’t all be the same, even though we might have similar interests:)

  18. I like your blurry shots! Very pretty.

  19. Angie says:

    Normally, I don’t have a sweet tooth, but now your pictures have me craving chocolate! Thanks for hosting!

  20. Sherry Felix says:

    I chat well in person but not online. I type badly, dyslexic. I talk in pictures online and rarely read long posts. 😊

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