How have you been doing art wise?
For the holidays, I decided to show my adult kids and their families my approach to fit the holidays into my art, instead of fitting my art in the holidays, before my two oldest grands would fly out their nest. Am aware they would  change their mind, seeing “Nana did it.”

When the 7 grand children between 5 and 18 with their parents came over for their (Xmas) presents and celebrate New Years Eve, I had a gallery prepared with some paintings that were not abstract or too hard to understand, as well as two of the big ones (The Cloud and the Wedding Feast).

Had some refreshments in the studio. and made the parents the art guides (with a printed guide they could read off my descriptions). Had a sheet with questions for the kids relating the paintings they saw, and when they had handed it back to me, a candle was waiting for them.
This multi-generational approach went perfect.  It was much work for the half hour I could hold their attention, but isn’t all art like that??

What I have been doing myself:

As promised last time in the Weekend Journal post, I would show the end result of the cowl I knitted, and end up changing everything in the pattern.
Before you read below – why you see a knitted piece here,  which is commonly considered a craft – to repeat, there are many builders and architects, and they are considered artisans. In contrast,  look ing at Gaudi houses or Cathedral in Barcelona Spain, it is more than a building,
it is a work of art, because he does not hold to the rules of common buildings, he went beyond.  If you understand this concept, you know more than many would-be artists, who are actually craft-ers or artisans.

Comes right above the waist. For people who are taller than 5’10” I expect it to fall to mid-chest.
If you look at the most inner fold, you can see on the image below that it is the “wrong” side of the cowl. The second visible fold it says

“♥ ♥ ♥ Not all who wander are lost.”



This is the reverse side! Cool eh?
Again the original pattern comes from Knits Interweave, Fall 2017, the American issue.
Changed the yarn, because wool is too itchy, and  tweaked the pattern to my own liking. Changed the colors, and changed the arrows into keys, and omitted half on the (bottom) pattern on the top.

If I don’t wear the cowl, I use it to put two of my Chinese  brushes on there and a Native American flute, so they can’t roll off my  sideboard.


7 Comments Add yours

  1. Mascha says:

    Wow, this is so beautiful in “my” colors! I like it!
    Had some hours for paintin , made one good work
    and one not 100% good work, but it’s a try. I’m in the beginning again
    And a lot of collage-photostories are always on the main page.
    Have a nice weekend

  2. It came out beautifully! It looks thick and warm.

  3. jesh stg says:

    Thank you Deborah! It was worth the time. The letters were daunting, so I went very slow on that part. Finally start feeling like myself again!
    PS Had to hide the Seasons post, because it was supposed to come after this post, so I’ll answer to your comment on that one later:) There’s something off with the timing device on my blog, it does not post at the hour I want to. How are things with you?

  4. I’m so happy to hear you’re finally feeling better and over the flu.

    The time and effort you put into your neck scarf was worth it. It looks rich, and well made.

    Things are good here. There’s really not much going on. 🙂

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  6. Creating an art gallery for the family is such a wonderful idea. I love it! The cowl looks beautiful. I has a woven feel to it.
    Here are my links –
    1) Speeding Through Space – A comet painted on fabric –
    2) Walking In Warm Woolens – Hat and mitts


  7. jesh stg says:

    Both or rather all three pieces are delicately and beautifully made! Many thanks for adding this to Weekend Journal Page!

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