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Thank you for your beautiful posts and captures of your season! Am so intrigued with your genuine, heartfelt stories. One very different from the other:)


FEBRUARY – a short month.  Valentine’s Day, Chinese New Year.

My Seasons experience:
After finishing the mammoth painting last year Sept – Oct., had time off to re-energize in the creative sense. The temptation after such a big piece is to think I’ve arrived, and get sloppy. Finally around Christmas I returned to painting, since I feel there are still some paintings in me other people need to see.

Painting goes for me beyond romancing the aesthetic. It needs to have some meaning that will change the viewer’s life.
One time a twenty something came storming to the platform where the band played, and I painting. “Can I take a pic?”
A week after she saw me paint a bride in a night landscape she wrote me an email ( have her permission to tell how this affected her)

Paraphrased – “When I saw the white brides’ dress, I thought this could never be for me. I’ve done some (read: plenty) stuff that made me dirty. But then, my view changed when thinking God washes away all my dirty stuff. It was so freeing, I could too, wear white.”
It brought such a big change in how she thought about herself,  she thought it was important to let me know. This is just one of the many, many stories.




Last week our son was visiting from Holland, and just had dropped him off for few days at his sister’s house, when we cam back to  …snow. Not much, but if it would be the only snow  I would regret not showing you the snow from last winter.
In snow even a fence  is highlighted – also, that it’s leaning:):)






My kids and grand kids went sledding the next day , but a touch of the flu kept me staying close to the cozy wood stove:)





Looking out of the window at my Californian (black)oak tree surrounded by snow



Whether it’s snow, rain, or sunshine, happy, good or horrendous or bad times, we like to see what your experience is!

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23 Comments Add yours

  1. Mascha says:

    What a heartwarming story! We have snow too, have just put it away… it makes my life not easier, when I cannot ride my bike.
    Get well soon, have a good new week

  2. kenschneider says:

    Snow can turn the ugly to beautiful, and your white bridal dress turned a heart. Hope you are feeling better!

  3. Joanne Sisco says:

    The story about the wedding dress is a reminder that we can be influenced, and influence others, in unexpected ways 🙂

  4. Klara S says:

    What a story! I miss snow, we don’t have it right now… I love the last picture.
    Thank you for hosting.

  5. Hello, I will also link up snow photos today! Let’s enjoy the white enchantment…the season is now.
    Hope your flu is over. Have a healthy week ahead!

  6. Carol says:

    It is a powerful thing to affect another human being with art, music, words….love your photos too!

  7. Sasa S. says:

    We also got snow now. I wish that winter would be past, soon.

  8. Thanks for sharing the story. Beautiful snow and the necessary blazing fire.
    Hope you have now recovered….have a great week!

  9. Cool story, Jesh. That’s always neat to learn how someone is affected positively by what we do. 🙂 I’m happy to see your photos of the snow in your area. January had so little rain for us that I didn’t think the Sierras and foothills were seeing much snow. Hope there’ll be more winter/spring rains and snow so we don’t have another dry summer.

  10. Jeanna says:

    It always amazes me to see snow in your photos and then I remember you live in an amazing area by a mountain. How incredible to influence someone through your work like that and for her to let you know. I hope you didn’t get that horrible flu too badly, my mother’s aide and my cousins all had it but my mother and I have escaped the flu so far.
    Sledding sounds like a lot of fun but not enough for me to actually do it, lol.
    You have quite a view out your window.
    Glad you feel you have more paintings in you, I’ll have to go through your blog and look at some of your work again.

  11. That is an amazing story about how your painting affects people! Wonderful — that is what art is supposed to do. I hope you get over the flu very quickly — and thank you for posting and hosting — especially when you’re not feeling top notch!!

  12. The realisation that what we have done is wrong, hurtful, deceitful, unnecessary, ‘sinful’ is half-way towards making some reparation and preventing recurrences of it. Trying to reverse or assuage the effects of our wrong actions on others is more difficult but can be addressed partly by admitting our wrong-doing and asking for forgiveness. Erring is human, and we try and approach the divine by forgiving others’ errors. Wise reflections on what painting means for you, Jesh.

  13. ROUGH says:

    Hope you’re over your bout of the flu, Jesh. Here’s to feeling better soon!

  14. jesh stg says:

    Thank you Joanne – I was perplexed when hearing these kind of stories in the beginning, but actually when you read of artists in the past, they had similar things happen. My sense is that it has not so much to do with how “skillfull” one is (which is relevant to what is popular in the respective time), but to intent and passion:) An interesting subject, which I haven’t quite figured out how to put it in words, so that’s something for me to develop more.
    Thank you for your interest:)

  15. jesh stg says:

    Yes, Jeanna, I live at 3000 feet and took me a while to get used to less oxigen:)
    No, I didn’t get the flue too badly, only a sore throat and the overwhelming sense of wanting to sleep for two weeks, so am behind with my blog:) No one told me that not only parents get the bugs from their kids, but also grand parents from their grands – since I have 7 of the last, there’s a lot more chance to catch a bug, lol!
    Thank you for your kind comment about my art. Read what I said to Joanne Sisco (above). Discovered you replied from your wordpress blog – awesome. Then I can give you a direct link here in my comment to my art blog. let me know when you have visited – wordpress does not give me heads up on comments.

  16. jesh stg says:

    Adding to my previous comment. I have an art blog with most of my work shown. It’s Enjoy!

  17. Your snowy season is a long way from mine in summer Australia, though it seems to have been a milder summer this year. I am still waiting for the really hot temperatures to hit.

  18. Angie says:

    We never know when we might inspire someone – which is all the more reason to make sure we are ‘out there’ showing our stuff. As the Bible says, we should not hide our light under a basket!!!

  19. betty - NZ says:

    How profound to have her contact you! A wonderful moment. The photos are gorgeous.

  20. prior.. says:

    truly a beautiful story… 🙂

  21. KL says:

    I am too late in entering, but if you will have a seasonal one next week, I will enter my latest post because NJ is going to be like that now (as I described in my post). Sorry to hear that you had a flu. Flu is bad this year. Stay warm and safe.

  22. jesh stg says:

    Go ahead KL and post the beautiful snowy pics coming (Sunday through Wed.). Do you realize All Seasons is every week? I know – a lot to remember when you have a job too:)

    Did you get my email ? (am not sure if it came through – about Fri Feb. 9 – another Weekend Journal (art) Page. It will be open till March 8
    I think I finally got rid of that weird bug – I never had a fever, but congestion, sore throat, and an overwhelming tiredness. Grandparents get the bugs from their grand kids, lol.

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