These Indian Hawthorne bushes suddenly were full of these little cute flowers
in  a previous spring. I remember how they cheered me up.
(Floral Bliss,  Fri Floral Foto , Weekend Green)

A few memes/challenges are in another post this week, but    CLICK  if you like to see
the oil painting for children, Lion and the Lamb


Norco is in southern California, East in the Los Angeles basin. When hubs
was in photography class, Norco was their first big assignment.
It is a staging place for photographers (like Universal Studios is for film –
only not as big). Hubs is not into models, but took shots,
to gain experience.
(Travel Tue.)


The most common door in Amador county is the door of a winery.
There are at least three more in this street.
My son knows how to treat people well – he  purchased last week
an Amador wine for his boss in the Netherlands,
who let him go on a vacation to visit us,
even though he had only worked two months there.
(Thurs. Door,  Weekend Reflection)


A vineyard in operation in the summer
You undoubtedly have read sentences like ” a sleepy little town simmering in the heat of summer” or something to that effect in a novel. One thing I can tell you – there’s nothing sleepy about a vineyard, as well as farmers work. It’s from sun up to sun down hard or even back breaking work!
(Weekend Green)



This barn is part of the scene below – the fluffy stuff is probably  insullation:):)
the wreckage or demise of this barn is still UNfinished 🙂
(Makro Tex – Unfinished)


Across from the farmers market in Murietta, CA.
Nothing on earth lasts forever, and since that roof on the left seemed to be caving i
n slowly, I would regret it not having taken a shot before this whole scene would be left in ruins.
(Tue Treasures, Tue travel, Sky Watch)


IN WHICH SEASON ARE YOU?  Season taken literally or figuratively

Like to know about yours. Photo link is open from Sunday through Wednesday till 7 pm in a ALL SEASONS’s post.



the next one is Friday February 9
About the art project you’re working on
post it  unfinished, if you will!

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34 Comments Add yours

  1. Tamar says:

    Such lovely landscapes and finds! Glad you linked up!

  2. Jeanna says:

    I love the thought that the most common door is one that leads to wine, lol. Pretty Hawthorne bush.

  3. ladyfi says:

    Lovely shots.

  4. Betty Crow says:

    I love the door and the barn. Nice shots!

  5. Roger Green says:

    LOTS of doors this round. I took a writing workshop. and the exercise was to write about a door and its significance; oddly powerful stuff.

  6. Peabea says:

    Enjoyed the trip through your photos. I choose the vineyard one as my favorite. The barn view…agree. Good to capture it before it is gone. 🙂

  7. riitta k says:

    I don’t know the Indian Hawthorn, have to google. Looks a bit like ‘wax flower’. Have a nice day!

  8. not realy burglerproof I am afraid 😉

    Have a splendid ♥-warming ABC-Wednes-day / -week
    ♫ M e l ☺ d y ♫ (team ABC-W)

  9. Cool photos, Jesh. I especially like that last shot. I’m glad you got it before the scene was no more.

  10. Angie says:

    Thanks for your recent comment on my blog – you asked for the Salmon Quiche recipe – if you return to the blog, the words Salmon Quiche are a link to the recipe – we did increase all the ingredients by 50% except for the dill, salt and green onion.

  11. Angie says:

    I figure most doors lead to wine …. but I may not have the key to most of them. So, off to the store I go!! Love the red door – two houses ago, we had a red door and I miss it!

  12. betty - NZ says:

    It looks like a fantastic place to practice photography! Great photos, they make me want to visit there 🙂

  13. Kelleyn says:

    I am jealous that you already have bloosoms already. Did you get the check by the way and was the amount right. If not, let me know. I got the print. Haven’t seen it yet, but my mom said it came. Thanks so much!

  14. That was a good reminder that having a vineyard is hard work all the time. We’ve been dreaming about owning and living in a vineyard (somewhere in France) but we always seem to forget that someone has to work there, too… 😀

  15. Hello Jesh…another lovely artistic post to share….I am not a wine drinker but my daughter loves to go to tastings….Michelle

  16. Oenological doors. Wonderful. Glad that they weren’t consumed by the recent fires.

  17. Norm 2.0 says:

    Any doors that lead to wine are fine doors in my book 😉

  18. jesh stg says:

    Thanks Fiona – keep forgetting you’re on wordpress:) have a lovely week!

  19. jesh stg says:

    Forgot to look in the comment section – we were surrounded by fire (8 miles away) but to our relief the fire never got to this county (which is a small one. I
    t seems that here in Northern California fires are more prevalent in in southern Calif. where I used to live. Three years ago we were at the point of evacuation ,and then the wind turned (stubborn Dutchmen, because our whole street already had evacuated)

  20. Jim says:

    Good shots.

  21. wow gorgeous photos thanks!!!

  22. jesh stg says:

    From your story about Escobar, it’s still a mystery if he was the Robin Hood or the criminal. But no worry, thee are too many places on my bucket list, before I’ll come to South America or Africa.

  23. Peter B says:

    I drive by Norco all the time (on our way out to JTree) but have never taken the time to stop and look around. Thanks for the tip!!

  24. nannie2four says:

    I love fotos of old barns! I’d love to have some of that wood! Thanks for being faithful to link up each week! Hope you have a great weekend! 💜

  25. Tristan Robin Blakeman says:

    Very much enjoyed the guided tour – thanks for sharing! – and happy Pink Saturday!

  26. Library doors may be my favorite, but winery doors right up there. I think you missed a chance for an a-door-able pun here: Am-a-door County. 🙂 I like your Narco shot, too. Have a wonderful weekend, Jesh.


  27. Ruth says:

    I have heard about Norco but didn’t know it looked like a Wild West town. I will need to take a look one day. I like that your son bought a gift to his boss. You know, I think we sometimes do not give enough gift. And, I am talking about gifts for no particular reason (just because you appreciate the person). Have you been to Murrieta? Friends of mine move there recently but I do not know a lot about the area. #TPThursday

  28. jesh stg says:

    Hey Ruth,I answered about Norco and Murietta at your blog. No, haven’t been to the Murietta you referred to. Since my son has traveled a lot, he is into gift giving:) Thanks for the comment!

  29. jesh stg says:

    Janet, word puns are the furthest from my mind (because I’m trying to be correct – all the time, lol)! Too bad, library doors here in California are not much different from doors of shops. Thanks, enjoy your weekend too:)

  30. Did you remove the love button to inspire more conversation? 🙂 I love the hawthorne and the door. Only now I saw that you were a clinical psychologist. Interesting! I just assumed you were an artist all your life.

  31. jesh stg says:

    You’re right, in spirit I was an artist all of my life. But there’s also that side of me that wanted to know how to help people effectively! Can’t help it, but I always go to the end degree, lol! Just put it on recently, to be taken seriously (only for some), but to put the dr. in front of my name takes away the casual stance I want to take. with my blog.
    I put the conversation button off, since there were a whole slew of people who weekly only put on the “like.”
    Figured that the people who really wanted contact with me, would go beyond the “like” – such as you:):)

  32. jammy7000 says:

    Lovely shots, Jesh. I also love taking photos of doors and windows.
    Thanks for taking part in the Travel Tuesday meme.

  33. budgettraveltalk says:

    Loved you photos of the seasons as seen through your lens. Doors are a universally loved theme. Thanks for linking up.

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