The link this week is open from Sunday January 28 through Wednesday Jan. 31 till 7pm, Pacific time.

Am impressed with your variety of experiences, as well as your courage to tell it like it is, also when it is tragic or sad. Thank you whether it was about your home, your garden, or trips away! I was all fun to read and look!

Spent most of the week with our son visiting from The Hague (Holland). Went wine tasting with him (how could I forget my camera!), since he wanted to surprise his boss, who let him go on a vacation even though he had only worked for 2 months there. Next days we did “nothing” because we all got a touch of the flu. Had a lot of good conversations, so it was still a great visit.
We had snow as well as sunshine, rain, and fog in one week!!


I know several of you would like to see my painting  for children “The Lion and the Lamb. ”  Press CLICK
to get there

Keep forgetting, but on the top right of my blog of my blog you see those three horizontal lines?  Click on Lists and Recipes. If you are running out of juice to know what to post for All Seasons or other memes,  I posted possible subjects for the whole year. I have not incorporated the list in the post, so you feel free whatever and whenever you like to do!


Which features of a building or landscape are attractive to you?

I love romantic or cozy balconies. This is one at the main square of Lucca, Italy.
The oval “square” was in old Roman times the amphitheater. The houses are built
on the former stands. Lucca has city walls) and was occupied by Napoleon.
His sister has a palace in this town.





I also love towers, even when they lean. This one is part of one of the Romanesque churches in Lucca. The tower of Pisa is not the only tower that leans:)
We were glad we booked a hotel in Lucca, once we could compare the two towns. Lucca has so much atmosphere that Pisa (in our opinion) does not have.




And … I love terraces. This one  a non-digital (that long ago!)  terrace in Greece.


I love these  in the landscape next to lakes, parks, and other identifying markers in a landscape:)
What are your favorites?




This first month of 2018 went by like a blur (for me, that is). What’s going on with you?
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23 Comments Add yours

  1. Windows, doors, lamps, painting scheme.

    foreground, middle ground, infinity. Could be water, flowers, bushes, trees, mountains, or the sea with a setting or rising sun or moon.

    Got up your way and beyond today to play in the snow with #1 Grandson. I hope to get back before it all melts!

    I hope you’re all feeling better and are over the flu.

  2. jesh stg says:

    Glad you got to play with your grandson! Still not totally the old one, but the worst is over (yay – am not a patient sick person!) Have a great week!

  3. tgeriatrix says:

    Hi Jesh, I still have problems – especially with holding the camera – but I found this winter pictures from last year. No flu so far this year 😉

  4. Klara S says:

    Such a beautiful place!
    Thank you for hosting.

  5. Mascha says:

    I like lakes and the sea. Living by a lake were a dream of me. In towns I like rivers and houses with loggias with a view to the river. And the Russian wooden houses…
    Get well soon and have a good new week
    (I’m sick to, my chronic pain is back and much stronger, as it ever was)

  6. Carol says:

    Love your lion and lamb painting. Have a beautiful week!

  7. I go gaga over doorknobs and colored doors. I was impressed with the 100s of year old doorknobs and doors, as I was with the paintings that I saw in Florence. Hope you’re feeling 100% well from the flu. I didn’t get it (knock on wood I don’t), but the Husband did. T’was a bad one.

  8. prior.. says:

    Ji Jesh – I love terraces too – and the non-digital one is fun -( love Greece )
    and maybe it was meant to be that you forgot the camera – sometimes we just get to “be”
    and hope you all are 100% and glad the flu was only a touch

  9. kenschneider says:

    Not many towers and no balconies in my “me too” neighborhood,since we moved to Florida from New Mexico. We have a nice lake front view but the only tower in sight is quite attractive and houses radio communication equipment.

  10. Beautiful pictures Jesh — I love that romantic balcony. Italy is a dream for us. Sigh — so many places, so little time ;>)

  11. Lovely photos, Jesh. We loved Lucca when we visited and particularly admired its rooftop gardens and terraces.

  12. January has flown by for us to. I enjoyed your photos of Italy. I love flower lined balconies too.

  13. COASTERS says:

    Yes, January has flitted by like a speeding train, Jesh. I blinked and I missed the first month of 2018…

  14. PS: Thank you for hosting!

  15. I do not know Lucca (yet), but this leaning tower is amazing!

  16. betty - NZ says:

    I think I am drawn to architecture and features that are unusual or different from the ordinary. Love your photos.

  17. Thank you I hope you have a good week and the worst is over with the flu for you! xx

  18. I wanted to visit Lucca on a trip we made to Italy but we decided to visit San Gimignano instead. Such interesting towns!

  19. Angie says:

    I am drawn to flowers and gardens of all types. However, in general, I prefer wide open spaces, so ‘country homes’ with far-ranging lawns, water features and formal gardens are by far my favorites over the architecture of towns and cities. Thanks for hosting!

  20. Alexa T says:

    Hello Jesh! Thank you for your message and lovely words! Certainly I’m not the one posting with the name mentioned about you, so this Guttierrez must be somebody else. Hope my blog is safe; and indeed my blog’s name is “Gând Călător”. So, I’m thankful you let me know about this issue.
    I’ll try to let the link to my recent post as well. And I like the aspects captured in your photos; they are so very interesting. I think pillars, arches are great, too. For landscapes, I think that the mix of open surfaces, green arrangements and terraces is amazing.
    Best regards to you and a lovely week! Alexa T.

  21. jesh stg says:

    Ugh, I though I was almost a 100 %, but then I visited my other grands family, and now I have picked up something again:(

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