The link this week is open from Sunday January 21 through Wednesday  Jan. 24, till 7 pm, Pacific time.

Thank you bunches for your lovely posts of last week! I was a blast seeing your beautiful images and great and interesting stories!

The captures of your  posts were beautiful and insanely interesting! So, don’t think anything of it if my replies this week might be late, since my son from the Netherlands is visiting us.


How does the world look from your corner?

Love this time of year. In Northern California  grass starts becoming green, very slowly but surely. It does not mean though winter is over, or snow can’t fall. Last year we had it on April 1st!




Laguna Beach – Still too cold to swim in the ocean, but one can look, eh?





The ones in the winter period now,  probably find  something to do indoors for a while! Like …what?
Funny what my grands think, when they storm into my house. They called out, “Painting!”
I looked bewildered, “Huh, wha…?”
My thoughts were on something to eat or drink … after all, they were for 2 hours in the car!
After a few seconds, “OOOh, do you want to paint?”
Vehemently nodding heads. Oops, I forgot to put anything ready!



What is your favorite activity  more recently?
Mine is having a new look on paintings I got stuck on a while ago. Challenging, but for me: it’s FUN:)




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17 Comments Add yours

  1. Mascha says:

    Fresh green grass… and water… – wohoo! Summertime is still so far away –
    I would like to paint too and I’m lucky, when I have one free day in the whole month. More isn’t at this time…
    Have a great time with your son

  2. My favourite pastime is still photographing and editing…a kind of elaborating the reality according to my own vision.
    Have a nice Sunday and thanks for hosting!

  3. Carol says:

    I love the California coast – so rugged and beautiful. Enjoy your son’s visit.

  4. I was out and about birding yesterday and drove through the hills and just loved seeing them green again and I’m over the moon about the days getting longer! 🙂 Hope you’re feeling better! xx

  5. The Pacific Coast is so beautiful!! Thank you for hosting — especially when you have company! How wonderful to have a visit with your son and with your granddaughters.

  6. Angie says:

    Thanks for hosting! No sooner had I linked up with you this morning than we headed out the door for a day on the slopes! Now I am pleasantly tired and enjoying a glass of wine while catching up with the blogosphere! I am not in a rush for spring, but glad it is greening up for those who want it to!

  7. Laguna Beach looks lovely…

  8. So interesting seeing the seasons change. I wish my grandies would do painting – but they are boys and getting older now and are over doing crafts with Grandma. They are more outside type of boys, though they love reading.

  9. It’s Summertime in Melbourne, Jesh, but we do get a carnival weatherwise!

  10. Thanks for hosting, Jesh…

  11. Cool photos! Ocean and mountains. We’re so fortunate, us Californians. I’m looking forward to the predicted rainy week and doing some inside stuff–maybe sewing curtains and patching strips of fabric for a top or skirt.

  12. betty - NZ says:

    In answer to your question about the mold photo I posted, yes, New Zealand is a civilized, Western culture but it is behind the US in many ways. There are no screens on windows or doors, no insulation (it is only required on new homes for about 10 years and rentals have to be partially insulated by 2019), central air and heat are unheard of. Hubby and I decided if countries were people, New Zealand would be a rebellious teenager. 🙂

  13. Klara S says:

    It’s a wonderful green! Here still gray 😦 if it would be at least white…
    What is temperature of water in the ocean now?

  14. handmade by amalia says:

    Our winter arrived lately this year and we’re only now settling into it. Another cold and gray one.

  15. mpuppal says:

    Beautiful captures of nature’s greatness!

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