Hello All Seasons Bloggers,
this link is open from Sunday October 8 through Wednesday October 11 till 7 pm, Pacific time.

Love your colorful and engaging posts!  Most of them with bright colors:) Thank you all for sharing!

Fall is for me a blend of the bright and cheerful with the moodier and rest period of plants preparing  for winter.

A great contrast for the bloggers in Australia and New Zealand who will post their spring editions of this year. Am looking forward to having both Fall and Spring at the same time!!

This lift in our spirits mingled with sorrow about what recently happened in Las Vegas, which reminds me of the Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris several years ago. Hunderd-and-one theories of how and what happened and how many shooters, are floating on the internet.  Keep your loved ones and friends close, and look out for each other to be safe!





This is what I like Fall to be (no pun intended) – – billowing clouds in a stormy sky, high cliffs.
Wondering if this winter will be living like on a cliff (figuratively) or a cozy room with dreamy music





Complete stillness of dusk
whispers and distant dull sounds
tiptoes instead of forging on
before night covers the sky





Next morning waking
A glance at the window
I marvel at the blooms
so contently
all things in its own way



After choosing these views for this week, I had become from frantic to a serene calm. That’s the effect nature has on me. How about you?




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12 Comments Add yours

  1. Debbie Smyth says:

    I love the light and colours of autumn too – but no UK pictures for this season yet as I haven’t had time to take any! So I’ve brought you a quick peak of harvest time in Vietnam (a wonderful country)
    I loved your images Jesh – very peaceful indeed. Have a great Sunday

  2. jesh stg says:

    Thanks Debbie for your link! Yes, got your link earlier, and “Pink in my weekly post . Will get back to you Sunday late- have a lovely day!

  3. I still can’t believe someone was capable of doing anything like it. At times like this, I really try to remember the good things that surrounds us. Thank you for sharing such beautiful evocative photos!! Love the colours of dusk you captured.


  4. Jeanna says:

    Seeing spring and fall together will be fun. That’s a cool hillside/cliffside shot. As long as a small percentage of people get their way about gun control we’ll keep waking up to this kind of bloodshed.

  5. Nature is my solace from terrible news as well …. and family time. Although I didn’t say so in my current post, that is just how I felt after a nature walk with my daughter and granddaughter. Your pictures are so serene and lovely; thank you for them and, as always, for hosting this lovely sharing opportunity. Peace!

  6. We live in a violent world and the USA is the most crime filled nation of all–not something to be proud of. Nature is indeed healing and a reason I love my state where there are many beautiful places to see.

  7. Being out in nature certainly calms me.

  8. Nature calms and makes me think introspectively, Jesh. That’s why I like to have a garden filled with flowers, herbs and art (the odd vegetable seasonally too!).

  9. Autumnal light is special …. a prelude to hibernation for northerners!
    Happy Autumn to you Jesh,

  10. Mascha says:

    Nice fall impressions – nature is always the best for relaxin, in every seasomn, for us both too…

  11. bettyl - NZ says:

    Nature surely has a way of making the day right! Lovely photos.

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