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The memory of walking
in hot sand
feeling a light  breeze
in the background
the roar of the waves
still reverberating in me
holding them as close
as I can to my heart

© St Germain

(Randomosity: the G, Tue Travel: beach of San Francisco, Weekend Green)


remember how she stole everyone’s attention with her red dress?
(Random- the R, Floral Bliss, Floral Fri Foto)





Fri Hunt: Begin with M: the red hibiscus is Mesmerizing to me.
Cloth: tablecloth below
Everyday Things: laptop and brushes are an everyday thing for me:) -below


I need this for …. uh, a meme/challenge….?  Who am I kidding, I just want to paint these rocks at the third bridge by Bridal Veil Falls in Yosemite Nat. Park! Posting it, helps me to finish, if I get stalled:) With watercolor I Like a Lot of LIGHT to come through!
(Randomosity – the Fun, Travel Tue, ABC Wed. -L)

Why I only came this far, was…
coming to this spot, I wanted to paint the geometrical rocks, I had seen before. Walking over the bridge, we were welcomed on each side by people in wedding clothes. They told us, we could still paint there, because the wedding was not until later. How cool – a wedding in the forest!

After setting up my easel, hubs left for a climb to the top of the waterfall. I noticed most of the wedding party had left too. Only two or three stayed behind, probably to “save” the spot for later.  I heard them talking like they were in the same room.

After a few minutes they went from the usual chatting to a full-on gossip mode about the family members who had left. I was very distracted and getting upset, because I’ve done plenty of family therapy. But this was not my room! So,  after putting in some of the bones of this scene, I decided that before giving them a piece of my mind, (hubby and my adult kids would tell you I would),  I  packed up my stuff and left for the waterfall nearby. Soo, that is why …





How we were so focused on getting my new computer that we didn’t put enough in the parking meter. Coming down from the shop I had a new computer, and a parking ticket:)
Surprised, because hubs is mostly keeping track of time. Comforted by the thought that the tickets were much less than where we used to live (at least $20 less than in Southern Cal.), we parked a little longer to catch some doors in this street.

The tail end of this story is that  the second time hubs went to the computer shop, he saw through the glass doors of the coffee shop downstairs  “someone” waiting to give tickets, so hubs parked somewhere else.

These TWO DOORS  with the bonus of some faint reflections!
Makro-Tex asked for 3 things: my interpretation: three roof lines.
(Makro-Tex: 3 things, Thurs. Doors, Weekend Reflection)







How thoughtful of the vineyard owners to have at least these trees to look at while passing by, when the grape plants were still little ugly little stubs:) Thankful there are still people who care, and go the extra mile for others!
(Sunday Trees, Thankful Thurs.)






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36 Comments Add yours

  1. fun60 says:

    Enjoyed the story surrounding your painting.

  2. riitta k says:

    That house looks so decorative and inviting! I love all your shots, the hibiscus (?) is divine. Enjoy your day!

  3. Linda P says:

    Sorry to hear about your parking problem! You are a talented artist. You must get inspiration from the great and beautiful outdoors. Lovely red flower. Like Riitta I’m guessing it’s an hibiscus.

  4. Kelleyn says:

    I just hate gossip it is so ugly and I just don’t understand why people feel the need to do it. How sad! Sorry you had to be there to hear them do it.

  5. Good decision, Jesh, to move away from the family gossipers. I’m like you, I’d give them a piece of my mind should I have got too involved in their stories.

    I love that color of hibiscus red!

  6. I would like to see close-ups of that artwork! It looks great from what I see.

  7. Wonderful photo’s again, the one with the red rose in particular, beautiful capture!

    Have a splendid ♥-warming ABC-Wednes-day / -week
    ♫ M e l ☺ d y ♫ (abc-w-team)

  8. Norm 2.0 says:

    Too bad about the parking ticket 😦
    You got some lovely shots in this collection.

  9. Joy says:

    I like those old wooden houses, and the colour of that one.

  10. Grant says:

    Beautiful words and photos!

  11. Peter B says:

    Pretty sky shot, and I really like the ice plant on the sand dunes. So California!!

  12. I don’t like to overhear people talking and I hear people on phones telling lots of private things…that I don’t need to know! Love your art! You’ll make it beautiful! Hugs!

  13. Lovely photos! That painting looks like its location was a beautiful setting. Too bad you had to listen to ugliness.

  14. prior.. says:

    oh jesh – your words were wonderful – holding them as close to my heart –
    really enjoyed that as summer moves away and a new season comes in – well I have taken that poem and soaked it up for what I am feeling over here…. no waves – but exiting summer days.

    and lovely post – and doors of course – and the part about your hubs spying the ticket dispenser – well right on.

  15. I ADORE the red flower. So artistic! Thank you for linking up today. I hope you have a great weekend!!

  16. jesh stg says:

    Gossip was the most unexpected thing I dealt with while on a plein air excursion!

  17. jesh stg says:

    the “rose” is I think a hibisculs, looking at the hreat orf the flower, and it’s wrinkly petals. Are you getting used to do the ABC – the first months it feels so busy:) Have a great weekend!

  18. jesh stg says:

    sorry, I meant hibiscus

  19. Parking ticket? Boo!! I love the shot of the flower and seeing your art things. I’ve been tempted to give people a piece of my mind before, but I (usually) don’t. 🙂 I need all the pieces for me.


  20. jesh stg says:

    It has been many years ago that we got any ticket, that’s why I was so surprised:):) A reason why I decided to let it go is because I was on vacation. Can’t be “on the job” the whole year:)

  21. Eileen Wise says:

    Hello, the flower is gorgeous. Pretty captures of the sky. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

  22. Sharon says:

    How fun to see your art table and work in progress! I can’t paint a stick figure, so it’s really fascinating to me! (That’s why I have to rely on a camera!). Sorry about the parking ticket — they are expensive here in Southern California (ask me how I know — ha!). Happy autumn to you!

  23. jesh stg says:

    Thank you Sharon! With me it started doodling while writing notes in school because of being bored, haha. Can you tell, I doodled a LOT!
    In big cities parking tickets are sometimes unavoidable – when having to do with being pressed for time, or having to walk too long otherwise;):)

  24. Rats on the parking ticket. Beautiful shots!

  25. Betty says:

    I wish I was talented enough to paint like you. Sorry about the parking ticket. I got my first ticket for speeding a couple of years ago.

  26. nannie2four says:

    Thank you so much for linking up and sharing with us today. Lovely fotos and I enjoyed the dialog! Happy weekend to you!

  27. James says:

    Nice shots!
    It seems like most things are more expensive in So. Cal.

  28. Mascha says:

    Wish, I could be at the beach and living in such a pretty blue (a beloved color) and well restorated home… (my own need so much repairíngs all the time and I must do that by myself, not always easy – )

  29. scotiaspinner says:

    Wow, that flower (I think it is a hibiscus) is just glorious. Thank you for sharing your painting in progress – so interesting to see the process. I saw your comment on my blog and don’t worry, I never criticize the English for someone when it isn’t their first language. That wouldn’t be fair! But now you know what a big difference in meaning that one little space makes, between “everyday” and “every day” – two completely different meanings! English is a complicated language!

  30. janicead says:

    That hibiscus is a real beauty. Hope the marriage is not as rocky as the photo. Bad attempt at a joke.

  31. Roger Green says:

    I love that house! It’s so big and blue

  32. These are great photos. That house is beautiful. I love your watercolor rock painting. I’ve never been to Yosemite, but I hope to go there some day, if only to stand in the same spots as Ansel Adams once stood.

    Have a blessed day. 🙂

  33. Beautiful photos for so many different things, wonderful inspirations! Love your painting of the Bridal Veil Falls! So sorry you got interrupted by gossips. You would think they would be enjoying the incredibly beautiful park. I am looking forward to seeing the finished painting.


  34. Hazel Ceej says:

    The colors and brushes remind me of Beatrix Potter 🙂 Lovely pictures, love them all!

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