A Classy way to look out! One of the windows of the Chinese Garden
of the Huntington Library.
Last Tuesday I saw what looked like a mist between the trees (I live in the forest). When I stepped out on the deck, I knew it wasn’t mist because I smelled the smoke of a fire! Automatically I thought about emergency supplies. Then hubby heard it had started the day before, half an hour away and was only 25 % under control. At noon it was 50% contained. Good news! At the end of the day 8 acres were fully contained.  Thankful!

One Word Sunday – Look Out, Randomosity: the Good)





This week am skipping ALL SEASONS, because too many things are going on. This is my weekly post for all the memes/challenges I prepared weeks ago. So ALL SEASONS LOVERS,
see you all back COMING SUNDAY!


Look out for this one too! Isn’t she pretty?
Floral Bliss, Floral Friday Foto, Makro-Tex: flowers




Fri Hunt: Begin with J – Not Jesh’s car:)
Car: below
Outside: below

A big rig on the other side of the Grapevine (North of Los Angeles) – a treacherous freeway climb and descent.  Since we are climbing slowly, and on the other side stepping on the brake descending, I could take this drive by.
In summer overheated cars are a common sight. In winter sudden snow falls can stall cars for miles., and overnight – jikes.




Look closer. One of the things I had to get used to on the country side, was that people leave messages!
(Sunday Trees, Random: the R, Tue Texture






Makro Tex asked for early signs of Fall. In North California they do not appear till late October. Our climate is much like the Mediterranean area. This is photo of last year. Berries are for me a subtle and nice sign of Fall.





Door of helicopter, with a possibly juicy and interesting story (some years ago), at the coast of San Diego.
When I had my Tamron zoom lens, I saw this whole event take place. it was easy to see that something was happening when a helicopter landed on this big yacht, and three men, one obviously with some handicapped or sick, came out. But innocent me was just interested in the helicopter.

Back then I didn’t know about Thurs. Doors, otherwise I also would have taken pics of it opening and closing (Random.: the Fun,  ABC Wed – Interesting,  Thurs Door)






Fri Hunt: Begin with


Makes one want to look deeper
(Tue Texture, Weekend Reflection, Weekend Green)






Sky and water tower in the North of Holland
(Tue Travel, Tue Treasure, Travel Photo Thurs., Sky Watch)




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  1. becca givens says:

    I admire you for the capacity to juggle and coordinate several challenges in one post each week. You always have a great collection to showcase!

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