Mirror mirror,  on the wall – where has the summer gone??
(Weekend Reflection)





If I could be a rose, I would
Floral Bliss, Floral Fri Foto, Makro-Tex – flower






Sunday One Word asked for colorful. That’s easy – this  has been my work station for the last three months. Didn’t want to go this colorful, but color is like candy to me – can’t resist:)

These are only 3 of the at least 11 brushes I clean at the end of the day. I now paint with buckets (this is a smaller one). The cord is from the Ipad with which this view was taken. But I use it in the studio when I need a certain reference & need to walk around with it (since the paintings have grown in size.
(One Word Sunday Photo, Tue Texture)





Fri Hunt: Begin with I:  I… desire more paintings: – see pic above
Bowl: Like lamps that ave a bowl shape like below
Desire: more paintings, see above pic

In my area the days will shorten soon and heat disappearing. Then in no time we’ll be getting used to lamp light.
(Tue Treasure, , Thankful Thurs.)






But I still remember the heat making me walk on the shade side of this street to capture the balcony door in Cinque Terre!  And the bonus door on street level:)
(Tue Travel, Travel photo Thurs., Thurs. Doors)






Another pleasant overcast day showing these  typical cut trees one sees everywhere in the Mediterranean.  It makes the hills in the distance look HIGHER than they really are!
(Sunday Trees,  Tue Travel, ABC Wed., Sky Watch, Weekend Green))






Photo link open from Sunday thru  Wednesday evening 7 pm, Pacific time


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    • I Smiled – First I thought you were referring to one of the works of Monet – of a park where several ladies holding a parasol are sitting on the grass. But then I realized the shape of the trees I posted:)


  1. August isn’t over for me yet. He-Man’s birthday is coming up!

    Lovely collection for this series. I like the door, and your color palette. I can just imagine you standing there now that I’ve seen your studio. 🙂


  2. Wow! Painting with buckets? I guess it is easier in that way. Like the picture of Cinque Terre. I have not been but a lot of people say it is gorgeous! #OurWorldTuesday


    • One comment about Cingue Terre, it is beautiful! (it’s a string of 5 towns), but in summer (we were there beginning June) the crowds are phenomenal – hard to shoot photos! Oh, and you can’t drive the car there, so walk or public transportation – but definitely a tourist spot.


  3. Is that paint partly solid? It looks like part of it is hard. The satisfaction of going through one of those buckets must feel so good. Thanks for sharing jesh!


    • No the paint is not solid, but definitely more compact, since you don’t have to squeeze it out of a tube – but it’s easily made thinner by adding painting oil. Haha, am trying to make the paint last as long as possible, since I had to orderit from New York -many $$$!


  4. Jesh, I can’t believe that this is the last day of August, either. But September is often a very summer-like month in northern Illinois, but without very hot temperatures, so I’m prepared to enjoy it as a summer month unless proven wrong…in which case I’ll enjoy it as early autumn. 🙂

    I really love the first shot because it looks so much like a window photo taken from outside looking in. Reading that it was a mirror made me look long and hard and enjoy it even more.



    • Here in Northern California Fall is better seen in November (in Southern Cal. we saw leaves turning by thanksgiving). But since I have grand kids am very aware that school and homework starts, schedules change, etc.

      Thank you, I once posted this mirror before on blogspot, and was on a browsing trip in San Diego. Even though it’s messy, it gives a detailed view of all the parts that maybe in our life:) Thanks for noticing!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Yes summer went by quickly. I’m sorry I haven’t been by in awhile. It’s been hectic here with sick animals and an aging parent to look after. – Trying now to catch up on a few blogs. – Loved that pretty lamp shot.


    • Whatever you did, hope it went well! Am glad I don’t have to travel now I’ve taken on big projects. Even two days doing something else, gets me off track, lol! Have a great weekend! This coming week am skipping for All Seasons –


  6. What wonderful and intriguing photos. Cinque Terre, in particular, caught my eye, because we visited that wonderful collection of towns overlooking the Mediterranean, but we weren’t there long enough. I wonder how long “long enough” is, when applied to Cinque Terre!
    An Unfittie’s Guide to Adventurous Travel


  7. Lovely images as always. My husband would want those lamps in our house – he has a great fondness for antique light fixtures. I feel that I can almost smell the rose in that picture – just gorgeous.


  8. Beautiful series of images. Love the lamp and the rose. I can’t believe we’re nearly to fall and I’ve already gone back to teaching. Hope you enjoy the little bit of summer left. Thanks so much for joining Friday’s Hunt. Sorry to be so late in visiting.


    • Thank you so much Patti of your kind comments about the lamp, and palette in the past, Hope you’re getting used to the days getting shorter now! Hope to see you back on Sunday’s All Seasons:)


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