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Many thanks for your seasonal experiences last week! The trips you have gone on in All Seasons has gone in many more directions than I anticipated! It made me want to visit your neck of the woods, and traveling the world to see all the stunning places you live, and have been!

The month of August stretched me, and hope September is a bit more predictable. Probably not … there are many special days this coming month across the globe.
It starts in the USA with  Labor  Day weekend
Spring for the Southern hemisphere,
the 22th Fall for the Northern hemisphere,
Australian Nat Day, Grandparents Day,
Patriot Day, and
Rosh Hashanah, and Yom Kippur, the Jewish New Year’s feasts.
Not to forget Daylight Savings for New Zealand. Let me know if I have forgotten a feast!

In my family one of the grand children becomes 7 years old Labor Day weekend, and her momma’s birthday the 24th.


Need to take off for All Seasons NEXT SUNDAY SEPT 3 for a break that week, and will be back Sept. 10 )


September is in a way like Utah. which I would describe as raw nature. and wild. This is completely opposite from manicured paths with arrangements of flowers. Not only are the colors overpowering, but the shapes of the hills and mountains are eye-catching!

Never considered red as a color for my plein air paintings, until … I came to Utah!




The last 3 weeks it has been in the nineties to 120 degr. F in some places nearby. It’s different from the mild temps in Southern end of California! These weeks here,  remind me so much on the times we were in Utah, where at 6 pm it was still a 100 degrees. Fortunately the stark beauty in this state were distracting me for most part of the time from the heat. This is Quail lake. Have showed shots of this lake before, but not this one.







The three Musketeers nicknamed by me, stand in Bryce Canon – close to 9000 feet –  where I did most of the plein air painting. This must have been taken right before the daily shower around 3 pm, where in summer the temperature drops 20 degrees within half an hour (the strangest sensation if one has never experienced it).







But after the rain falls, the sun starts shining like nothing happened! The road turns, and suddenly one sees this huge white rock on top of the red hill. This photo doesn’t do justice what you really see in reality! Another time I’ll show you the watercolor.


Utah’s landscapes  comes close to the wildest I’ve seen – ever, because I originated from a green and flat land.  What were the wildest landscape you ever saw?



Your turn to share what  latest experience you had by clicking on CLICK HERE below, and leaving us a photo!





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19 Comments Add yours

  1. Alexa T says:

    Gorgeous and incredible landscapes; I enjoyed so much this tour, all the aspects captured through your camera lens… it must be so lovely to see them, the vast area in reality!
    Well, about traditions and celebrations in September: on september 8 is the feast universal day celebrating the birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary. About wildest landscapes, I wrote in my posts about Vulcanii Noroiosi, the Mud Vulcanoes at Berca, Buzau or Muddy Volcanoes from Pâclele Mari.
    A very lovely day and new weekend to you!

  2. Carol says:

    Your photography is always so beautiful. Enjoy Labor Day Weekend and your time off.

  3. Oh my, it took me awhile to find a place to comment. Beautiful vistas! I’m happy to report we’re going to Utah next summer. Can’t wait.

  4. I can imagine any one of your Utah photographs as one of your amazing paintings. Fabulous landscapes in that state and, really, in all of the American Southwest — Thank you for hosting and enjoy your well-deserved break. See you in a couple of weeks.

  5. kenschneider says:

    Those stark and rugged landscapes are so beautiful!. We were in the Texas Panhandle this past week and also so a lot of red rock! Our youngest grandson got hitched!

  6. Kelleyn says:

    I have been to Utah many times, but never really had a chance to spend much tme in southern Utah. My dream is to rent a house boat on Lake Powell and explore the nearby national parks.

  7. Tom Merriman says:

    Love those long-distance views, Jesh!

  8. Beautiful images Jesh! Utah is a gorgeous state. That red clay is a bugger to get out of your clothes though.

    Hope it cools down up there. It’s going to be HOT here today.

  9. jMo says:

    Good question, I’m not sure I’d use the word wild for anywhere I’ve been except the intense green of Oregon. It reminded me of something prehistoric. I didn’t know about the mid day rain or that it got so cold so fast. I remember something similar in the New Mexico desert as far as temperature drops. Have a relaxing break. I can only think of Curdfest which is today and the upcoming Dogtoberfests which tend to be in September.

  10. jesh stg says:

    Read your half serious, half tongue in cheek story about your “natural disaster” as you called it. The result wasn’t as bad as you feel about it – really!
    The only thing I would have done different, is to cover what you want to keep white (or a very light color) with Liquifilm.
    It looks like a transparent liquid in a little jar that becomes white as it hardens (you put it on the area you want to cover with an old brush or a little twig). You can paint over it with bright or dark colors. Then when your painting is finished, you peel off the Liquifilm with your finger, or the eraser part of a pencil.
    It takes a while to get used to it, but the end result looks more natural:)
    (also, for later, technically a watercolor with one pen scratch becomes “mixed media.” It may not matter now, but it may later on:))
    Couldn’t find your comments, so I do it from here:)
    By the way, you’re invited to share your experiences on All Seasons – am skipping next week to take a break, otherwise each week from Sunday through Wednesday evening 7pm. These posts always start with “All Seasons.”) Hope to see you there in two weeks!

  11. jesh stg says:

    Thank you Deborah! Because I get paint on my clothes 80% of the time, it’s not much different from red soil, lol! Today it got a 100 degr. Had a couple over that also couldn’t come to the Open House, so they looked at the paintings, then we went to the Thai:):)

  12. bettyl - NZ says:

    Utah is a gorgeous part of the world! When I think of ‘wild’ my mind goes to the ocean!

  13. Even with watercolor I get paint on my clothes! Some of the pigments are so staining I haven’t been able to get the paint out. I wear old clothes when I paint.

    Miam! I like their food!

  14. NEW MOSS says:

    Wonderful views of this lovely part of your country, Jesh.
    Thanks for hosting.

  15. These fine photos bring back memories of our trip through that part of the world, Jesh! The vivid colours and bold landscapes reminded somewhat of our own outback vistas in Central Australia.

  16. jesh stg says:

    Yes, seriously – that’s why most painters are dressed in very plain and stained clothes when on location! Saw in your last email, things are in the works eh – thumbs up!

  17. Tom Merriman says:

    I shall pop along then, Jesh… thank you.
    As for the comments – I have a feeling you were probably reading the post from the home page rather than the post itself; the comment box is at the bottom of the post (below all of the other comments) but only after you’ve clicked on the heading.
    Thanks for the advice on the Liquifilm, I shall look out for it. And thanks also for the details regarding mixed media. I thought it was something to do with using different ways of adding colour, but didn’t realise it was also watercolour and ink. I shall bear that in mind.

  18. These views are absolutely incredible!! Gorgeous photos, remind me of Australia.
    Abby –

  19. jesh stg says:

    Thank you much!

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