SECRETS (Aug-14, 2017)

What is the secret of decline?  Life until something or someone dies? Is there life after death? That depends.  It’s not my intent  to answer these questions,  but

human beings are in my opinion made up of body, spirit, and soul. The physical body dies at one point, and the spirit and soul lives on. No reincarnation to something else – you live with yourself – forever!

Kind of a scary thought eh? Better start working on myself a bit – I wouldn’t want to go into eternity, like I am now. and polish the rough edges in myself!

Man made things decline, meaning a downward spiral until it ceases to exist. With created things, life and death may take place simultaneously – difficult to comprehend sometimes. Thought this image shows it well.
One word Sunday: decline, Tue Texture)






Stripes are always sharp in Flowers – and I love stripes in my clothes as well!)
Randomosity: the Good), Floral Bliss, Makro-Tex- Sharp, ABC Wed. – F, Floral Fri Foto,






Trunk of Fig Tree in the Botanical building in Balboa Park San Diego
Sunday trees, Randomosity: the R, Makro-Tex – Sharp




Fri Hunt: Begin with G


Restaurant and below a closeup of the door. The blue car is kind of in the way, but wanted to show you the angle of the roof:)
This town is only accessible by boat and has 180 bridges. The lakes in Giethoorn were formed by mining peat (which was in the old days used like wood for a a wood stove). This town became famous after 1958 when the Dutch film maker Bert Haanstra produced “Fanfare.” This town is especially popular by Chinese visitors (between 150 -and 200 thousand Chinese people a year!)
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Door of this restaurant in Giethoorn, Holland – also called Venice of the North. The window about the restaurant seems mysterious, and in contrast with the tidy restaurant. Like to know what’s going on there behind this window? Or is it just a dusty attic? Secrets, secrets:)
(Thurs Door)





Peaceful Clouds in Amado County. Wouldn’t you like to FLY like they do? El Dorado Hills is and expanding and many houses here are built at the moment.
(ABC Wed. -F,   Thankful Thurs, Sky Watch)





A night filled with mystery in Long Beach Harbor (hubby’s pic)
Randomosity: the Fun, Weekend Reflection



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26 thoughts on “SECRETS (Aug-14, 2017)

    • There was a time I was thinking about making philosophy a major in college – but … what would I “do” with it? so I chose psychology instead – more pragmatic, lol!


  1. Great entries for all your memes. The ‘door’ picture…a lovely door, but my imagination was quite taken with the window above it… it looks like a cover of a mystery story (a recluse or a spy hiding behind that lace curtain and watching to see who comes to the door?)


    • Thank you Norm – I’ll pass it on to him. Actually all these images are his!
      My computer crashed. They could save the data, but they are very unorganized in saving it on to a disk, so after a week I still don’t have my photos back!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I’ve always thought I’d be me when I die. The thought that I wouldn’t doesn’t sit well with me.

    I wonder why the Chinese like the house so much. I’ve always liked gabled windows ever since I read Anne of Green Gables.


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