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Hello All Seasons Bloggers,

It is still summer! Am happy  that this week it has been cooling off at night. My computer is still in the shop, so these are hubby’s captures. For some it’s  already around time to go back to school of college. Have a successful year!

It looks like you all are having or going to more events in the summer.
Enjoy it and play as long as you can!
Also, it looks to me you take better photo shots than in the beginning! Way to go gang! Am proud to be your blog friend! Much thanks for last week’s beautiful captures of your experiences!





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These people are visitors of the Huntington Library gardens.
Wanted to show how the trunks and branches were twisting around the (manmade) pillars







Enjoyment till the last petal falls to the ground








Hubby’s handling the camera,  while I was teaching in Rotterdam, Holland. Love to have a variety of people in my art workshops and see when teens take just as much time  trying to  understand my art.



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19 Comments Add yours

  1. I hope you enjoy the rest of the summer too! Love Hubby’s images too. 🙂

  2. Carol says:

    I love that walkway at the Library gardens – the posts and vines form an intricate pattern.

  3. Mascha says:

    The Huntington Library Gardens must be an awesome place! Would like to be there.
    Our summer is cold and rainy, but I’m going for a swin, whenever it is possible. It helps against pain and is always a fun for me. On 27 of august will be the last opening day of our public pool. The time flies so fast. Sigh!
    Tomorrow my sweetheart and I celebrate an especially personal holiday… it’s our summer highlight. And I make a short break now from digital world, to enjoy the real things in next weeks.
    Have a great time

  4. jMo says:

    Very cool and interesting painting, I Iike it, J. A computer in the shop is never a good thing, sorry to hear it I don’t think I could go a day or two without my laptop. You’re right about things winding down and this being a college town you’ve reminded me again to stay as far away from campus as possible next week although we have something called, “Hippie Christmas” you might enjoy seeing photographed.

  5. jMo says:

    P.S. Love the garden shot, what an awesome place to perch.

  6. Your husband’s photos are all interesting,Jesh, but I hope you get your camera back soon! Summer always ends too qy=uickly. My grandchildren are going backt o school soon and I will be taking a short blog break next week

  7. The Huntington Library gardens look delightful. What a wonderful place to sit awhile.

  8. Beautiful gardens with amazing shapes of plants in that covered walkway, Jess. We had our first Spring weather day today and it was great to go for a long walk in the parklands. Thanks for hosting!

  9. WATTLE & BEE says:

    It’s a challenge to get teens to appreciate art but so satisfying when you see it “sinking in”!
    Thanks for hosting.

  10. Debbie Smyth says:

    I love those Library gardens too – a great view in portrait.
    Mine is a more cheeky shot at the August festival in Edinburgh.

  11. Klara S says:

    Wonderful captures! We still have over one month summer…
    Thank you for hosting.

  12. jesh stg says:

    Sorry I didn’t respond yet – relearning on an Apple, makes me kind of (very!) distracted! Thank you Debbie for your festival shot for All Seasons (I was wrong again – didn’t think you would be one for festivals:) Have a great one!

  13. Sallie says:

    You are both talented photographers! Love those twisty trees. Thank you for hosting.

  14. bettyl - NZ says:

    Great shots! My hubby is good with the camera, too, but really has no interest in seeing how they look after I download them. I hope you get your computer back soon–you don’t know how much you use it until it’s gone!

  15. I like the image of the Library Gardens. Seems like a gret place to visit.

  16. Very lovely captures. We haven’t had much of a summer here in the UK. I hope the rest of yours goes well.

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