1)Even though it’s a blurry drive by, this could be the beginning of a movie, capturing blooming meadows
(Sunday Trees, Weekend Green)






2) Elated with some inheritance in our yard of previous owners. Since the irises bloomed during a hot spell, these Purple /Burnt Orange ones bloomed only for a few days.
Tue Texture, ABC Wed. – E, Floral Bliss, Floral Fri Foto, Flowers Fri.







3)  What is new in my life, is the “whenever get to it-kind-of-schedule!
The lion chair proudly standing in the Huntington Library Gardens. Pasadena, CA.
This is my new face or self portrait – resting (as in sitting to rest), but still on the alert (as lions)
really worth the visit  when coming to the Los Angeles area.
Tue Treasure, Tue Travel, Makro Tex -August, Fri Hunt





Fri Hunt
Begin with F: Flower  (2)
New:: chair above
Self portrait: new face/phase: above



Not the most creative for Up Right, but “Juice It Up Right” it is:)
Have a look at Debbie at One Word Sunday ‘s blog
and Norms’ Thursday Door,
They probably having a fantastic angle on their subject!
James is totally out of my league, that’s why I keep coming back to his Weekend Reflections
(One Word Sunday Photo, Thurs. Door, Weekend Reflection)







As sunset makes place for the night
(Makro Tex – August, Sky Watch)




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43 thoughts on “THE IRIS

    • Thank you Debbie. When I don’t have the right image, or can’t find one, that’s the best way to go – to interpret it:) The blurred flower you saw in that post, was a multicolored rose, and may have been hubby’s rendition.


    • Thank you Fiona ! I always swallow a few times before posting a blurred image that I didn’t intent to be blurred (the old-fashioned notion I guess that photos need to be sharp).


  1. Wonderful inheritance indeed and I’d be all over that lion chair photographing away. Love the first shot, you get movement and a kind of water color effect.


  2. What a famous chair! That is, what I need in this moment…
    The first is very painterly, I like it, thanks for sharing.
    The shadows of the lamps above the door are funny.
    Greetings from a cold and rainy summer


  3. Love the image of the iris. Rest and relaxation is quite important. Nice idea for the “self” prompt. Thanks so much for joining Friday’s Hunt. Sorry I’m so late visiting. It’s been a crazy week on the farm.


    • Thank you Theresa, I understand. My pics are still being retrieved from my previous computer, so I pass for this week for Fri Hunt! Hope your weekend is more relaxed!


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