In contrast with the expression “stone cold, ”  my experience of stone is reliable and warm

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Corner building – I believe Lucca (Italy) – it looks OLD!
One Word Sunday: Old, Tue Texture *Travel Tue, Travel Photo Thurs )






For Floral Bliss, Floral Fri Foto
Ritta, your weekly flowers captured are a treasure
Nick, the origin of the flowers are always so interesting to read







Desperate for a Door in Lucca – well, half a door it is for this week!
ABC – Black (chairs), Thurs. Doors, Fri Hunt: (Black) Chairs







Lost a lot of my rules  about clothes changed since I started painting for an audience. Fri Hunt is asking something I would wear – two days ago I chose these shorts with an orange top.




Fri Hunt
Begin with C: Chairs: Photo above
Building: first photo
Something I wear


Amsterdam is known for its many canals, but it is not the only place. Delft, where we several times stayed over night with our friends, lived at a canal too.  They went with the canoe to do groceries sometimes, to avoid traffic!
Here a reflection of one of them and fence.
Randomosity; the Good,  Fences ATW,  Weekend Reflection








Passing this tempting booth on the local Sat. open air  market.
Strawberries or blackberries, anyone?





In Italy we saw many vineyards along the way, like in the area we live, so we felt immediately at home
(Sunday Trees, Random, the R., Weekend Green)






What do you see in the sunset?
(Random: the Fun, Sky Watch)





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42 Comments Add yours

  1. bettyl - NZ says:

    I love old buildings like that, too, and admire that it is still standing! Your other photos are also awesome,

  2. Dan Antion says:

    I love old stone buildings. Great photos.

  3. orvokki says:

    Lovely photos, the first is my favorite.
    Have a nice weekend

  4. Debbie Smyth says:

    A great old building Jesh. perfect for the One Word challenge – many thanks for linking it in.
    It reminds me of a corner I often walk past on a river in Edinburgh – especially with the yellows further up. And you right about the temperature, you’ve definitely captured the warmth here.

  5. Tamar says:

    That building is so cool!

  6. Murthy says:

    All pics Looked glorious.Great day.

  7. Wonderful photo’s again! The rose is truly gorgeous! I am glad I don’t have to pick one because that would be a hell of a job 😉

    Lovely entry for B also, and unexpected too

    Have a nice ABC-day / – week
    Melody (abc-w-team)

  8. …stone was the original building material and there are so many types and styles. Always an appealing material. Thanks for sharing this week!

  9. zongrik says:

    i love old stone buildings….and fruit of course

  10. riitta k says:

    Your photos are always stunning & thank you for your lovely words ❤

  11. jesh stg says:

    You can be relieved – don’t have to pick out a favorite! Thanks for visiting!

  12. marliska says:

    I liked all the photos.

  13. jesh stg says:

    Thank you Dan. At first (coming to the UStates) I was unsure how well wooden buildings would hold up, because I was so used to stone, but since hubs works with wood I finally adjusted to living in a wooden house:)

  14. jesh stg says:

    Thank you much Deb. Am so happy for you, that you are back to be able to manage a challenge!

  15. Dan Antion says:

    Here in New England, we have many wooden buildings that have stood up to 200-250 winters and stormy springs. Building codes in the US have evolved over time to leave us with some very stable structures. I love the look of stone, but I’m comfortable in a wooden home.

  16. Roger Green says:

    Well, I appreciate the saving of the old.

  17. Pieni Lintu says:

    Yummy, I love blackberries 🙂

  18. lesliebc says:

    I can’t believe it’s been 11 years since I was in Lucca, so thanks for the memories!

    abcw team

  19. Lorrie says:

    Beautiful photos of a variety of things. I especially like the rose and the stone buildings.

  20. bevbaird says:

    Wonderful photos! Lots of great challenges.

  21. Kelleyn says:

    Love your shorts! Have a great week!

  22. gravadee says:

    Lovely take on B. I love the shorts and hat. Gives such a happy feel

    Click Here to see what Mrs. Dash Says

  23. budgettraveltalk says:

    I’ve always wanted to visit Lucca. We nearly got there once but had to drive on by. Now I’ve seen one of it’s buildings. 🙂

  24. Jesh, I loved all of these. I do enjoy a stone building even though we don’t live in one and all the other shots were lovely as well. Looks as if you’d best be careful rounding the corner by that building, though. Italy was the first place I’d ever seen mirrors on the street to make turning safer. 🙂


  25. jesh stg says:

    I can’t keep a secret from you, because you’re well traveled …. there was a big mirror, but I photo shopped it away, lol!

  26. Nina says:

    Such a beautiful reflection on the old canal!

  27. Ha, I had no idea. That’s funny.

  28. I love the old stone building, Jesh. What a beautiful place.

  29. A great series of photos! Thank you for linking up today and have a great weekend!

  30. Peter B says:

    I love that corner building in Italy. Great sky shot, too!!

  31. Rose says:

    I love that old building…and enjoyed this post.

  32. Fun60 says:

    I do love stone buildings although I’ve never lived in one. I think it is the history I love as it is possible the same stone has been used in a number of different buildings. Strawberries for me and those shorts look perfect for the hot temperatures.

  33. narami says:

    I love those pants! Perfect with that necklace. And the strawberries… and the stone of course! Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend!

  34. Mascha says:

    So pretty painterly short, truly for an artist…and I just imagine to be in Delft, sitting there at the bench by the canal and reading a book about water carriers…and than one of them comes out of the water…

  35. Very interesting shot of the old building in Luka.

  36. janicead says:

    Just returned from France. Just love the texture of Europe.

  37. Felicia says:

    I really like that old stone building and door.

  38. scotiaspinner says:

    Those strawberries and blackberries look absolutely delicious! I love the stone building shot – so European. We just don’t have that kind of building around here! I would love to go get my groceries in a canoe – good exercise!

  39. James says:

    Love the buildings and the reflection! Some strawberries or blackberries would be great with the blueberries that I’m eating. 🙂

  40. Norm 2.0 says:

    Beautiful shots, plus it’s berry season! One of my favorite times of year 😀

  41. Teresa says:

    What a beautiful series of images. I love the shot of the old building. I am really enjoying the worldly flavor of your post today. The berries look delicious! Thanks so much for joining Friday’s Hunt. Have a great rest of the week!

  42. Hi Jesh,
    that is definitely Italy!
    Nice shots… and thanks for visiting my pages.

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