Some summers are a trip abroad, other summers it’s the simple things  treasured. For an artist it is not the splurge, or the simple, as long as she can put the experience into an artful rendition.

Summer Break – whatever or wherever you float your boat:)
Seen at Balboa Island, CA
Makro Tex. Weekend Reflection







One Word Sun.: Repetitive, Tue Texture









Trees, rocks and shadow sides on a slope is perfect for my  hike in Yosemite, not to walk … but to paint!
(Randomosity: the Good, ABC Wed – Y, Weekend Green







Enjoying an abundance of Magnolia (?) at the entrance of a Botanical Garden
(Random.: the R, Floral Bliss, Floral Fri Foto, Blooming Fri , Pink Saturday)








Of course,  there is the shopping option, simple… on second thought, an expensive door to go through!
In the historic part of Folsom, CA
(Tue Treasure, Thurs. Doors)







For Fathers Day Hubs choose Daniela to go for lunch where the Red Hat Society convenes . Except for great sweet, savory, and all day crepes, the walls are lined with good (:) ) ) art and  on the separations of  the booths handmade sculptures and vases. Here a  raspberry chocolate crepe.
(Random: the Fun, Fri Hunt)





Fri Hunt
Start with Z: ZZZzzz (sleep)
Week’s Favorite: DOOR of Shop
Dessert: above


Perfectly simple if the day would end with a red sky!
(Sky Watch)




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51 thoughts on “SUMMER SIMPLICITY

  1. I followed you from your other blog. Then see this. You enter a lot. I adore every photo you have done In summer Simplicity. I am on healing from having knee replacement so slowly getting some entries into themes I joined. Thank you for coming to my Imagination site and making comment. I see you have email to write you but not sure how to put my email. It used to be . Click email and then I could write. I see on your site that one can participate but not go to your page or you wont get credit. Can you write me at
    and explain.


    • The boat and the dessert seem to be the most popular items of my post – maybe because my heart is really into it:):) One thing in you move is good. You don’t have the heat of Spain:) Have an accomplished weekend!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I love the boat, but the crepe is for me. 🙂 I hope you’re enjoying your summer, Jesh. It’s hot and humid here right now and will be for another week and a half or so. But it’s summer, so not unusual. As long as it keeps cooling down at night, I’m glad, because I can open the windows in the morning at least for a bit. Have a great weekend.



    • It’s a toss up for me – I love both the relaxing time on the water, but any form of chocolate is very hard to resist! Oh, wishing for you the humidity will disappear soon~ Hot I can bear, as long as it’s dry heat. Have a great 4th!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Really beautiful photographs this week Jesh – I wanted to step into the scenes of all of them and experience the places and the sights (and that wonderfully delicious looking crepe!) I think my favourite might be the one with the fence posts.


  4. Great to see you made it to the linky. Sorry for the confusion (some buttons were pushed by accident). Have a great week!


  5. All beautiful scenes from nature! Love the magnolia blooms. Hope you had a great 4th of July. Thanks so much for joining Friday’s Hunt. Have a great rest of your week!


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