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June, the beginning of many vacations and travel

Summer is coming and lots of people will travel, also by plane.  The plane  just arrived. The carts for the baggage appear. When you look at the people in the windows right above the airplane, you see their restlessness while  waiting.
On the left of the nose of the plane a small reflection!
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You may not be able to go as far as to China, but this is the roof and eve of one of the old buildings in Beijing, the time China was still a kingdom. The colors are vivid!
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Fri Hunt
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Week’s Favorite: Roof in Beijing
Pastel: last

A simple Life Guard door. My second grand trained for the job of  a life guard and got it! (Not in Laguna, because this one is at beach and the ocean)  So proud of her. My now adult kids complained (in their teens) I was “too strict,” but I’m a wuss – chuckling when I hear that my grand immediately was told, “You can’t be out late,  go late to bed, or be tired the day before you work, because people’s lives are depending on you, you have responsibilities now, etc., etc.”
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Love the lipstick plant so I bought one after we moved, because this one was getting smaller and smaller. Am happy for two blooms a few weeks ago for the first time, three years after our move. Guess my plant had a culture shock:) My other one is giving flowers for the second time this year:)
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How my pastel sketch …
(Fri Hunt …  became a business card!



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38 thoughts on “SUMMER IS COMING

  1. China always intruiged me…. untill today, they’ve disgusted me…in a zoo; throwing a life donkey in an enclosure for tigers to feed them? China is erased from by travelbucketlist.

    Your choice for v is very good though 😉

    Have a voicefilled ABC-day / -week
    ♫ M e l ☺ d y (team ABC-W)
    preview round 21 starting july 12th


  2. As always, nice collection of photos. Lipstick plant? First time I hear about that one. Are you in China (or were in China)? That sounds cool!


    • Once was in China for a week, traveling with son who was teaching there, and hubby to 4 big cities on the mainland (that was before the Olympics, so there were not many signs yet n English. but there was a MacD in Beijing!


  3. Oh..I think you meant to use this one for this week’s Nature Notes so I will change the link. This theme is a little confusing for me, but I am becoming stuck in my ways now.. 🙂 …..Michelle


    • To explain: i normally do three kinds of posts – one : the meme All Seasons,
      – two: my weekly post with all the memes/challenges I participate in – Nature Notes is always in this post. If I don’t specify a specific photo, you may choose one:)
      – three: Not every week: weekend green
      Hope this helps:)
      Hope life is going well for you:)

      Liked by 1 person

      • Um…still confused by I will go by your link so you did want to add last week’s Nature Notes again to this link or do you want to change it. Just add the link you want to the linky please.


      • I just visited the site in the link that you shared. Those are wonderful pastels. I especially love Reflection Trees in Pastel…absolutely beautiful!
        I would love to be able to do handmade artwork. I am practicing with watercolor pencils and trying to get brave enough to post what I created a few weeks ago.
        Thank you for stopping by and commenting. Have a blessed weekend. 🙂


      • Thank you, Suzanne! The first times to post something so personal is always nerve wrecking, but you’ll see you will get encouraging comments:) May you already know this, but in case not: pastel is easier, because you do several layers over each other, and it shows the last layer. With watercolor, because it is transparent, you see every “mistake” no matter how many layers you paint on top of it. I circumvent this by going very slow in the beginning…:)
        Be brave:):)

        Liked by 1 person

      • You’re welcome, Jesh, and thank you, too, for the encouragement and tips about pastel. I will have to give that a try. I don’t know anything about painting or that type of artwork, what works best, or even really what tools to use, or how to make sure the picture stays on the paper or canvas. These are all things that I want to learn, though. I want to find something creative that I will be able to continue to do once I am no longer able to photograph things. I have vision problems as well as shaky hands.
        There are definitely plenty of mistakes to see on this watercolor lady that I created. She is the first of my “People of Bath” series. It takes me forever to talk myself into trying to draw/paint them. I see faces everywhere: in the bathroom (hence the name “People of Bath”), in the trees, pretty much everywhere. I want to make a record of the faces that I see and this seems a good way to do it. I just wish I was gifted with the ability to draw like others. My people rarely look at all like what I envisioned or even really like people. 🙂
        Thank you again. Have a blessed weekend.


  4. Love that shot of the green fields – beautiful! I also love your pastel art – makes me want to try using my pastels that I blogged about!


  5. That Beijing roof is amazing, Jesh! So colourful!
    Thank you for taking part in the Travel Tuesday meme.
    (PS: I love workign with pastels, the colours are brilliant and as one applies them on paper, the creativity just flows from fingers to pastel stick).


  6. Great images! Love the roof in Beijing. The shot of the meadow is great too. Thanks so much for joining Friday’s Hunt. Have a great rest of the week!


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