Hello Blog Friends,  May 14

Your posts are amazing! Love that there is such a large variety in subjects each week!

That is why I have waited a while to have a challenge that could be taken in any color, any individual, group or society slant, or on a physical, emotional or thought, or imaginative level, and even spiritual:)

Before you know it, we are easing into the next season!


 To all the moms, wishing  you a very special day

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Enjoying blooming trees at an unlikely place –
on the side of the grocery store!







The loud roar and speed of water descending from the large waterfall Bridal Veil Falls, is by all means a dazzling feature why people come to Yosemite National park. Three large water falls and many mountains to climb.
While painting here, with two jackets on, because standing for hours in the shade and the mist of the spray makes it even too cool in summer …

if you followed me for a while, you heard this story … you know rocks are not nicely horizontal on top. One time looking up to get another color from my painting palette – it was gone! Then saw my palette happily floating in the water, too far away to even attempt to rescue. I convinced hubby to let it go because the water was so wild and cold. Don’t know about other artists, but with me, always “something” happens!




The pride and mascot of the Jackson  Gold rush fire dept., shown at the Dandelion Festival last month. Actually came here, because I heard there would be “art” – … uh, I guess my definition of art is different – art is not souvenirs:)



Your Turn to dazzle with your experience (even if it’s a tiny dazzle!)



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29 Comments Add yours

  1. Dan Antion says:

    Waterfalls, stone-arch bride AND a firetruck? Oh my, this has so much to offer 🙂

  2. Mascha says:

    Marvellous blossom, a delight to see while going buy foods… great waterfall and the king of cars – art is such i wide term (I often have the same like you, when I’m going to an event, what promise me art)!
    By the way, I’m just making a purple colormood in my main-blog
    I do that often for a series of posts…
    Enjoy springtime

  3. Like roaring waterfalls? You should come stay with me! Live next door to a small canyon + river. Not large, but roaring.

  4. Carol says:

    I’m always surprised by the beautiful trees around commercial buildings, like a gas station.

  5. Our crab apples are simply splendid right now. With the lilacs it smells amazing. Spring is the best.

  6. I love the stone bridges in Yosemite NP! That flowering tree is gorgeous.


  7. jesh stg says:

    This Spring so many plants/trees have a longer bloom period now the drought in CA is over – I love it!

  8. jesh stg says:

    Thank you Dan! They both make a lot of noise, and they both have many admirers – including moi:)

  9. jMo says:

    Ha, “Art is not souvenirs” is something I’d like to plaster all over downtown WI Dells, now that would be art. I love the bright red though and your painting moves rocks to set themselves free, cool!
    Beautiful tree and rushing water.

  10. Autumn's Web says:

    How lovely to see Spring through your camera, Jesh, as Autumn progresses Downunder! I love that old fire engine!
    Thanks for hosting.

  11. Klara S says:

    I’d love to see Yosemite Park! Thank you for sharing this gorgeous photo and for hosting ALL SEASONS.

  12. MOONRISE says:

    ‘Art’ is another of these oft-used words that has come to mean anything but its original intended meaning (unfortunately)!

  13. Sallie says:

    I hadn’t heard that rock story before… gosh, I’d expect movement might happen if people or birds or even clouds were your subject, but I wouldn’t expect rocks to move. Shiny fire engine, but even I know it isn’t art! Thanks for hosting and for sharing your experiences.

  14. Beautiful blossom on that tree…

  15. jesh stg says:

    It probably does attract more customers:):)

  16. jesh stg says:

    Another year I was one bridge further, and while setting up I discovered they had a wedding there – too late, I was not going to move:) But I wished I had, because I overheard all the family gossip! The things I see and hear while painting – I could write a book about it:)

  17. jesh stg says:

    Thank you (belated) for your Mothers Day wish:):)

  18. 🙂 I can just imagine!

  19. The roaring waterfall looks amazing.
    Love the dramatic red fire engine!
    Thanks for hosting….enjoy your week,

  20. Those blossoms are stunning. I hope that you had a lovely Mother’s Day! 🙂

  21. not an easy task to find your place ;(

  22. Jackie S says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I didn’t get a chance to link last week, so here I am now. Thanks for hosting. Love crab-apple trees, we have two white and two pink in our yard. The fragrance is wonderful.

  23. bettyl - NZ says:

    Life looks colorful and fun in your corner of the world!

  24. Sharon says:

    The blooming tree — outside the grocery store — is lovely! Trees are in bloom everywhere here, too. The story of losing your palette made me laugh! Good for your husband, at least offering to retrieve it!

  25. jesh stg says:

    Hubby – the protector – sometimes a little too much, lol (meant in a friendly way)

  26. narami says:

    Beautiful jesh! And I love the car! Thanks for sharing!

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