39 thoughts on “EXPLORING … ANYTHING!”

  1. First of all–cute, cute kids. They look so happy. I love the doors…and that flower up in the post is beautiful. Just really enjoyed these.


  2. Doors are awesome, can’t get enough of them. I believe I’ve taken thousands of door photos in my life.
    May usually brings warmth and growth to Finland, this year is an exception. It’s this cold about three times in a century.
    And I’ve experienced this now two times and I’m not that old 😀


  3. I am back into the blog world after a long hiatus. What all lovely photos. But, I am not following what you are doing with R, S, T and all the letters. Have you started something new? Also, I have forgotten how to participate in your meme. I mentioned your meme in my new post but now can’t participate..sigh..that happens when you are away from blog so much.


  4. Pretty kids & interesting statues. The white agapanthus is pretty. Thank you for linking . wishing you a lovely day!


  5. Re your comment about the title of my blog post ‘Come sit a spell’…it is just a way of inviting some one to sit down and stay a while to have time to visit.


    1. Thanks, Janet. Yes, I am okay, can’t wait to start even a bigger painting, but hubs is building a platform so I can reach all corners without standing on a ladder (guess am not 26 anymore:).
      Did you find info for the cards you were writing about?


    1. Thanks Jean, I almost missed it – we were on a door tour, and this bar had their outside doors open, but half way to the next store I realized that it had an inside saloon door too, so took a few steps back:)

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  6. Discovered the problem…my blog address was wrong on the comment field so I fixed it. Anyway I enjoyed this post. Those little ones are just adorable and it’s so sweet that she is such a protective big sister. – The mosaic is neat looking. Very nice fence shot and the door was very cool.


  7. Great post this week Jesh. nice door – in fact, very inviting wine bar.
    But best is that caring shot – two angels to me as I don’t have to see the feistiness 🙂 Lovely shot, they look so happy, relaxed and genuinely caring
    Thanks for linking this to the challenge


  8. Very interesting pictures this week – I really like that door – it’s so different. A very clever re-use of the barrel staves. The agapanthus is beautiful – it will be a long time before they bloom here. The shell mosaic is so pretty.


  9. Love the shells, the flower and the kids! You seem to have a nose for when I’m having a schedule change, and you are spot on! Last day of school was today so I’m rearranging my schedule times 🙂 it’s all good though, more playtime!
    Thanks for sharing!


  10. What a great assortment of photos. Love the shells. The sisters are adorable! Thanks so much for joining Friday’s Hunt. Hope you have a great week!


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