43 thoughts on “THE BOX”

  1. Love the photo of Nice – I think I walked right past that fence! And I also remember those narrow streets in Italy, especially in Orvieto, Siena, Lucca, and in Sicily in Siracusa.

    abcw team


  2. Hello Jesh… My daughter gave me a lovely memory box for my birthday in February with a necklace from she and my grandson. I am putting some favorite memories in it. I am amazed at your artistic eye. It is a gift…. Have a very Happy Easter… Michelle


    1. It warms my heart your daughter knows what her mother likes:):)
      Thank you for your kind comment about creativity – you have the gift of research – definitely -that maybe the reason why you have kept your Nature Notes going for so many years! Wishing you a Happy Easter too:) Jesh~


  3. Stunning photos, especially I love your flower macro shot ❤︎ And indeed didn’t mind if I were in the sunny and warm Nice – it’s grey and snowing here, absurd! Happy Easter & thank you for linking.


    1. Another person wondered if these photo boxes will still remain in a digital age – I think so, since people need tangible reminders of their memories:) The same with books – I love certain books – I want to touch the pages. I can’t see myself doing that with a screen:)

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  4. Hard to imagine two cars passing each other in that narrow alley. A white-knuckle ride! My other thought is of your shoe box of old photos and memories. Wonder if those will become a thing of the past as kids grow up in an all digital world?


  5. Excellent post! I’d love to go to Nice someday!

    “Am having trouble figuring it out” – My photo is a reflection of the ceiling and walls of a church.
    Everything you see in the picture is a reflection. It was all reflected in a polished marble column. The dark blurry part at the bottom of the photo is my camera and my hand which were to close be in focus. Hope this helps. 🙂


  6. Lovely photos as always – the box is especially appealing, and I love the architecture on the building in Nice. I was only there once, but it was a lovely city to see and remember!


  7. Beautiful images from Nice! Love the old buildings. I can imagine how dreadful it would be to try driving on those narrow streets. Wonderful painting! Thanks so much for joining Friday’s Hunt. Sorry I’m late to visit.


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