1. Actually hubby’s efforts have been turning out much tastier, so he has made the apple doughnuts for years:)(they’re not really doughnuts but fritters, but the first day they’re as soft as a doughnut)
      So am glad I don’t have to lug heavy pans with hot oil!
      Am teasing, but the epicenter of the earthquake came from Nevada (Bridgeport) -where you might have been looking?


  1. Hi Jeanette!
    The snowfall, fireplace and hot coffee are so complimentary to one another 🙂
    Oh how I wish to be there!
    Happy New Year!!


  2. We experienced a 5.8 earthquake in 2011–rare on the east coast. It was centered 150 miles from us, but felt throughout the state. Love the photo of the road and snow-laden trees. Not sure what shape I see in the fire, but it has a sword! A book, a donut, and hot beverage appeal to me right now.


  3. Earthquake one day…snow the next! Crazy insane weather! Of course, you know, it was no different here. in the 70’s one day & then in the 20’s the next. Insane. Lovely images. Glad I was able to make it here this week & thanks for your comment on my post.


  4. Thanks for your visit and nice comment. By the way: I’m not a Russian, I’m only somehow connected in my mind with Russian spirit and language.
    Masha is not my real name, only a web-nick…


  5. When we lived in the mountains of New Mexico we bought earthquake insurance, which was fairly low priced because of the lower risk. I got it because I thought about how those mountains had been formed by huge movements of the ground and figured that maybe they were not quite finished being built!


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