Now Christmas passed, however it was, good or bad, today is another chance or opportunity, to live fully in the now.
In need of blue skies, and hope your NEW YEAR will be filled with many of them!



The DOORS of the Holiday Express in Sacramento (Thurs. Doors)





The Fun:  Ready to get on board? And a GATE in the distance! (Tue Treasure, Travel Tue, Randomosity))





Hydrangea Bouquet at a December wedding
(The Good: R., Tue Treasure, Floral Fri Foto)



*From your tree to mine – for Tue Texture and Fri Greens *




Friday Hunt
Begin with any letter: Reflection
Weeks Favorite: sunset trees
Celebrate: Painting Reflection



Reflection of a tree in a puddle of the riverbed
in Yosemite Nat. Park
(Nature Notes, ABC Wed. – Y, Weekend Reflection)






© Oil, Reflection of Tree in Yosemite Nat. Park, St Germain

Wherever I travel, I take a souvenir with me: a plein air oil painting  This one a reflection of a tree in a Happy Isles puddle in Yosemite Nat. Park
(from a slightly different angle than the above image).
I always smile when people tilt their head, because they think it’s shown upside down. (Travel Tue, ABC Wed.-Y)






Winter sky – a red glow on where the last sun rays of the day are on these trees.  Some of these (at least 60 feet) trees have been cut since last year, because of infestation of the beetle, so this is a historic photo-
colors are not edited! (Sky Watch)


Join the fun in a New Year with ALL SEASONS

SeasonsSummerFallWidgetBlog2_4269 copy

Every Week from Sunday – Wednesday with a photo
of your experience on the Link List



Thanks to All the Hosts of these Wonderful Memes/Challenges
Blue Monday  Randomosity  *  Our World  *
Nature Notes Tue Treasure  * Tue Texture  *  Tue Travel  *
ABC–   * Outdoor Wednesday  *  Communal Global  *
Thurs. Doors Floral Fri Foto  * Sky Watch * Thankful Thursday  * Fri Greens  *
Weekend ReflectionFri Photo Journal   *  Fri Hunt  * Pink Saturday *


41 thoughts on “BETWEEN TWO HOLIDAYS

  1. Wonderful pictures as always J….. I love to take pictures of what I call “upside down skies” — the reflection of clouds in the water, so many times they are prettier than the actual sky is… but I think your reflection painting is the best I’ve ever seen! Lovely. Hope you had a great Christmas and wishing you and yours a Happy New Year.


    • Thank you so much Sally for your kind comment about the reflection -it was a challenge to think upside down:) The holidays were great – thank you! Now I have to check if wordpress sends m message to typepad!


  2. Your reflection photo and painting are wonderful. Peaceful. Thanks, Jesh, for your generous words of encouragement these past few months. It means a lot to me. I missed your deadline for ALL Seasons this week. I’ll try next. A peaceful and joyful 2017 to you!


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