14 thoughts on “ALL SEASONS – DECEMBER 25 – 30”

  1. Merry Christmas to you and yours! I know what you mean about the meaning of Christmas. I am enthralled with your painting of the little boy. I always wondered what his mom thought when he came running home and told her what happened!


  2. We’re of the same beliefs, Jesh, so thanks for the lovely post about the true meaning of Christmas. Love your painting. As I have to work tomorrow and won’t have time to participate in the Weekly Photo Challenge until Saturday, I’ll do a post and link it tomorrow morning. Thanks.



    1. I very much would like your photo added:) Thank you!
      I sensed you had similar beliefs, because one time you mentioned you were on a worship team, but sometimes one is not sure till you (meaning: I) do not spell it out on one’s own post (that is not the reason why I posted this post like I did though.This year I feel more the freedom to do it, without ostracizing others, or presenting it in a cliche manner.
      PS you really don’t have to do a separate post, just add the name ALL SEASONS somewhere in the text. Cheers, Jesh~


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