36 thoughts on “RAINY SEASON in BEIJING”

  1. Favourite photo was the rainy Tienanmen Square. I saw your first photo before reading the post and I immediately thought of the Forbidden City. Interested me to think that the one image you chose to post is all we need to be reminded of Beijing.


  2. Hello Jesh, Your post sure hit home in an odd way. We just finished a terrible drought and wild fires for weeks. It has been very close to where we live and the smoke was unbearable. Then the rain came. Heavenly rain. Your post about the rainy season was ironic. Smile. Your post about China was very interesting and your photos are great. Tienanman Square brings back the memory of the terrible loss of life of students. Time heals and 20 years is a long time. Love the Chinese rose.

    Have fun decorating for Christmas. We are not done but getting there.
    I am checking out if I have something to post on All Seasons.
    Have a great week.


    1. We only went because our son was in China and could could interpret things for us. It’s quite challenging when you cannot read the letters on the stores. They luckily had menus translated in English in the bigger restaurants – and food and hotels are ultra cheap!

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  3. I love this trip …. feel like a world traveler after reading it …. as I sit in the little airport in Eugene Oregon waiting to board a delayed flight to not nearly as exotic a location.


  4. What an interesting post. I also grew up with constant rain and now have hot weather most of the year round. Hubbie prefers the rain… I love the heat. Love the photo of the Hibiscus.


  5. Just noticed Roger’s comment about bartering – I echo that sentiment! And that humidity!!! I would pass out. Otherwise, does look like lots of variety there. Thanks for sharing.

    abcw team


  6. That’s a great door and I enjoyed the rest of the post, too. I know my husband wouldn’t get a parasol no matter the humidity! Just wouldn’t happen…but if it did, I’d have to get a photo and send it to all the family. 🙂



  7. I did not know it was called a Chinese rose – love that!
    Also of course the door is nice – rich Asian red.
    And cool how you had your memorial walk after not forcing it into the trip.
    Sounds like a nice God appointment, jesh.


  8. Guess you missed Mao’s tomb in Tienanmen Square; I missed it too on my first visit in 2005 (didn’t even know it was there). While waiting for my wife and her cousin in the empty square early in the morning it only took a few minutes before hundreds of people were around me. One of these days I’ll have to post a picture of one of the “Gates” to the Forbidden City; it has a specific construction and meaning. Nice post!


  9. Thank you, Gordon. Tienanmen Square is quite an experience. Could have spent a week in Beijing itself. Hubby and son went to the Wall, while I went painting in the street. Later I heard “that was not done” – oops. But they were very respectful, watching me from a distance.


  10. China is on my bucket list. I love all your photos. I love especially the first with the red door and the one with all the umbrellas.


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