Nothing more nostalgic – satisfying –  than Thanksgiving








Music to my soul and so much to give thanks for.







The Story
The old craft of a hand made guitar (Spain), given by my brother, and one of the must-take-with-me Treasures to the USA.

In my teens my creativity in music and painting blossomed. Had no idea where it came from. Before you say: hereditary, there is much involved in it than genes!! Now I know that the maker of the universe is the ultimate of creativity and the Creator wrote it on my identity.
When the walls of my studio were finished,  I thought to make a song of giving thanks, as in my teen years when expressing my feelings in melodies. Going into the studio I played and sang the song I made up (you can imagine -stiff and awkward after 3 decades). Afterward another line of a melody came to mind. I decided to write down the notes.

It has been happening after that, almost every time I pick up the guitar. Am kind of bewildered that after 30 years, this waterfall of melodies keeps coming. Giving thanks for these melodies being thrown in my lap.Also easy this way to develop the calluses I needed on my fingers to play more freely:) That I already broke 3 strings tells you how much I play now!
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Without flowers the world would be so drab, so am very thankful for flowers
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Swiss chard and Celery (Fri Greens)




A young buck in our yard
(Sat Critters Tue Texture)


Fri Hunt
Begins with V:
Weeks Favorite: Iris
Thankful: above story



A cute shop “Hook and Ladder”  in Auburn – and surprised about the simple door – especially when you know what’s in this little shop – one of these days I’ll show the inside
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Driving somewhere in Utah … Don’t know why they put that fence there, but there must be a reason:)
Good Fences, Sky Watch


A Happy Turkey Day to the USA-ers


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28 thoughts on “THANKS – DANKE – DANK U WEL- MERCI

  1. I love your thankful post and the cute store would be a place I would love. Your photos are always so great to see.
    Thank you for your sweet comment about my post. LOL. Bill’s hat was a big project. It was actually too big and he wore it anyway. That’s my hubby. Smile.

    . We have family for Thanksgiving and baking and cooking has kept me from my computer.
    Happy blue Monday,
    Jeanne xo


  2. A beautiful guitar – to create beautiful melodies, I’m sure! I love the flower shot, and also the greens. I think I see kale on the far right – the favourite of my rabbit and guinea pigs!


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