36 thoughts on “SOME FANCY – SOME OFF THE GRID”

  1. Plenty of changes going on around here too! Including a WordPress blog in the pipeline which will make you happy as you will be able to comment and if you like orchids you will love where we’re moving to next year – Bangkok. There will be loads of orchids for your delight I’m sure. Love your politician, the wooden one!
    Have a lovely week!
    Wren x


  2. Hello Jesh, We were traveling all day yesterday to arrive home from FL late last night. We came home to a full day of obligations, thus my late comments to my Blue Monday friends.

    I have to say your photos and the way you present them are always stunning. You are also an artist of blogging. I mean it. The beautiful home is lovely, the mural is a hoot and the horse is so pretty. I too think the landscape should have the poles left in the photo. The wooden face is unusual and I can’t believe anyone could find an apt. $500 in CA. Lucky duck.
    Have a great week and happy Blue Monday.


  3. The cloud in your bottom photo looks like it’s rubbing its tummy on the pole as it floats by. lol.

    I wonder if that whirling thing on the right is one of the tree’s branches. I love going through the old big houses, but wouldn’t want to live in one. Who knows what ghosts may be lurking.:-)


    1. You’re the second one who suggested that “thing” on the grafitti wall could be a tornado! So maybe it is:)
      Had to look up if California had tornados:) Yes we have, but they seemed to be more prevalent in the first decades of the 1900, and seem to occur less and less.
      Earthquakes are the big thing here, because the Andreas fault line. We had 2 major ones, and some smaller ones in Southern California. I have no idea how it would be here, in the mountains.

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  4. Hello, wonderful post. I love the cute house. The mural is awesome, I was thinking the side piece was a broken branch. The orchid is beautiful. I love the horse scene and the view of the sky and mountain. Great photos. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!


  5. I’m glad your daughter’s friend found a place that’s affordable, here’s hoping more luck comes her way.


  6. The orchids are just beautiful. I love the horse picture – very peaceful, and what a wonderful thing for your daughter’s friend to enjoy.


  7. Another great collection of shots, Jesh. Travel is one of the pleasures in life.
    Thank you for taking part in the Travel Tuesday meme, hope to see another of your entries there this week!


  8. That is a lot of changes. It looks to me like the mural is of a tornado on the right. Nice artwork. Love the image of the horse. It looks quite peaceful. Thank you so much for joining Friday’s Hunt. Hope you have a great week!

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