allseasonswidgetsunset_4269-copy-copy   Hello ALL SEASONS bloggers,

Sunday Nov. 13- Wednesday November 16

You amaze me! Without fail you find something to share with ALL SEASONS each week. That in itself is telling of  a creative mind:)

Where ever you live on the globe, enjoy your season deeply. Even if you stay at home and nothing “special” is going on. Make every minute count! You only live once:)

After the intense elections on Tuesday, I only want to think about beautiful things! Some things (read: people) were rather ugly. No need to worry, this blog is not turning political.

ALL SEASONS is my happy diversion
For the ones living in the USA – it’s soon thanksgiving!

Don’t be bashful – like to know about your festivities:)





These brave soldiers are still hanging on for dear life





Am so excited to have green grass in Fall – can’t even remember when that happened – it should be Holland, not California, right?  California  has a desert climate. But … it is the same tree as I showed a few weeks ago on brown forest ground!





Even lions need some rest and peace. So good for the soul – the day after I had to step up with my prep for the Open House for the studio  next week Saturday.





Prepping for next week – the biggest painting

The  biggest painting in my collection (9 x 7 feet) for  my Open House for the new studio, aka Art Show, starts with a cloud.
A cloud can be filled with rain. Rain is a blessing and refreshing in a land so much effected by drought and  famine for several years.

In the history of Israel, a cloud accompanied them in their 40-year trek in the desert. During the day it gave shade, and at night the cloud turned to fire for heat, protection of the wild beasts, and light.
This large painting of the cloud is about … I will show soon ….


YOUR TURN to share your experience:)


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12 Comments Add yours

  1. prior.. says:

    I like happy diversions like this – and the hanging on for dear life leaves are nice….
    Have s great weekend amiga!

  2. DailyMusings says:

    wonderful post! thank you!

  3. I love the lion fountain – beautifully in the moment!
    Fabulous cloud!
    I made an error with my first entry, would you delete it please.

    Thank you, have an inspirational week!

  4. The sunset and soft clouds are lovely!

    Best of luck with your Open House and debut of the Studio! I don’t think I’ll make it up there. We made a trip over to NV yesterday to view some more houses. We didn’t find the “one” but did see 3 homes we liked. I’ll be getting ready for Thanksgiving next week-end since I’m not doing that this week-end.

  5. Lisa Isaacs says:

    That cloud photo is wonderful! Will we get to see the painting?

  6. Good luck on your show! I am sure it is going to be fantastic!

  7. Pat says:

    We have had a very unusually warm autumn this year at 6,220 feet in Colorado. Even the high mountains over 10,000 feet do not have snow! Your lion fountain is very pretty. Your cloud painting sounds amazing

  8. Looking forward to seeing your painting, Jesh! Good luck with the preparations for the Open House!

  9. My Desktop says:

    Nice shots, Jesh. Thanks for hosting.

  10. jesh stg says:

    Hello Ruby, Have tried several times to link up to your thumbnail for ALL SEASONS yesterday and today, and it just does not load up. Don’t know if it’s too big for my computer to handle, or …? Just wanted you to know, what I saw was so beautiful! Many thanks and have a beautiful week!

  11. Sallie says:

    Beautiful painting and wonderful that your studio is about to open. Natures looking good around your house too! Thanks for hosting. Sorry I’m so late … I fell Sunday while walking — broke my little finger and have a black eye. Recovering, but I’ve been tired and my hand doesn’t work very well.

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