allseasonswidgetsunset_4269-copy-copy    Hello ALL SEASONS Bloggers,  Sunday October 24

Thank you so much for all of your posts last week! They were exceptional, beautiful and lovely!

Hope you know that the title is not an indication what your image needs to look like -you can do what you had in mind for this week!

How is October treating you?
For me, life is definitely picking up. Have finally decided on organizing an Open House next month for my new studio, to thank everyone involved in getting up the building and to show the neighbors the inside.

To be fair, I will hold you to these two following (and will delete)
1. One photo per blog
2. No image you use in your own linky list, party, or meme,
since that is advertising. You can still use one of the images, but in a normal post.



A sunset capture – that day the sun gave the landscape an opulent look as one of the 17th century painters like one of the Rembrandt’s






Spaghetti Factory is one of the favorite places to eat for some of our grands.
it probably has to do with the fairy tale like feeling of being princes of princesses:)




Peach at the birthday dinner
Discovered chandelier light is not the best light to take shots:)






For me that regal feeling comes when I look up and see tall trees like these!
Left the corner of the second story of this building in this view,
so you have an idea how tall the tree is.

ALL SEASONS October 23-26 – becoming fond of FALl


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34 thoughts on “ALL SEASONS – BRIGHT OCTOBER 24

    • How stupid of me! I didn’t notice the “one photo per blog” part. Sorry!
      As to the woollen socks, I participated in a KAL. In my latest post, you can find a link to the blog where the daily instructions were published. Unfortunately they are only in Finnish, at least at the moment. Tiina did, however, post the last year’s instructions of “woolen socks for the winter” also in English. You can find the link in the sidebar of her blog.


      • Am mostly out on Sundays and just am seeing your reply. Don’t feel bad -it happened to more people lately, so that’s why I decided to post the requirements again:) Am going to look for Tina’s blog -thank you so much! Hope to see you at ALL SEASONS this week, before Wednesday evening:)


  1. We used to take our kids to a Spaghetti Factory and I remember our daughter saying that it ade her feel like a princess!… said while she had spaghettti dangling out of her mouth! (She was probably about 5 and she’s 55 now, so it was a long time ago.) Until you mentioned it before, I had no idea that this chain still existed. The one we went to isn’t around any longer.


  2. My grandsons love the spaghetti factory! I have to introduce it to my granddaughters soon as they are now old enough to go. Your peach looks like she had a wonderful celebration!


  3. Hello Jesh, Your sunset is definitely Rembrandt in it’s likeness to his amazing paintings. Peach is darling and I have never been to the Spaghetti Factory. Sadly! Our small town has very few franchised restaurants except the many fast food hamburger places that are everywhere. Smile.
    Have a wonderful week and happy Blue Monday.


  4. I love the new look here. You are always such a sweet lady with a kind heart. I am sorry it took me so long to come over. So many things going on. We took our youngest son Nick’s college room mate to the Old Spaghetti Factory a few years ago. I worked with a doctor who said all three of his children had annual birthday bashed there. I love it, it is such a unique place. I am happy I was able to join you here today and as always, your photos are strikingly beautiful. Joyful yours, Anne


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