The trees will turn color in Fall, and be bare in winter, but the grass will be green all year.


(1) Amsterdam. Many trees are leaning as a result of storms and much wind.
Most middle class people live in apartments, as you see on the right .




(2) Many bridges, because Amsterdam was built on pillars standing in water
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(3) Flowers and Bee in Hortus, N. of Holland  (Groningen)
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(4) Real city living doors! For Thursday Doors

Most middle class people live in apartments  or split level homes – Holland is severly over populated. Most residential homes are in the newer suburban areas for a hefty price, or in the country.
Am counting at least five traffic signs! Now all the power lines are underground, but not in these older neighborhoods in Amsterdam from previous centuries. There were so many in this view, that I removed most of them.





The Doors of a slice of the scene below






On top you can see the year this was built: anno  1730.
A part of my brother’s life when he was studying in Groningen (North Holl.) The blue sign means: The Three Sisters.




Pleasurable and Comfortable to end our walk with chocolate milk and apple torte:)
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42 thoughts on “FALL IN HOLLAND

  1. I liked seeing that walkway with the towering trees. It looks very busy in the city. I’m accusomed to wide open spaces but I love walking in the city, too.


    • Oh wow, even from ten years ago it has changed quite a bit.
      My weakness is pommes frites (frennch fries) and chocolate:)
      Cities have greatly enlarged, Changing to the Euro, prices have become steep. Only on the country side are still some wide open spaces and not much changed..


      • I had my first Vietnamese food there and fell in love with bami goreng. Haven’t found it many places in the US in all these years, although I did find some in Seattle many years ago. Yes, the pommes frites are delightful!


  2. Every walk ought to end with something pleasurable to eat. Yumm. I haven’t seen much of autumn in our area, but then I haven’t wandered around much this season. Now, I’m waiting patiently for it to start raining. Hope so. I haven’t watered the garden in over a week.


  3. Love seeing your sharing here. Since I don’t travel, this is great to know about your Holland. Enjoyed.
    Peabea@Peabea Scribbles visiting from LTTL and Texture Tuesday crimson theme


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