Art is an innate creative aptitude  to see beyond the normal realm and works from scratch, while crafts works with materials or instructions that are pre-made


Probably my last summer field pic. In the beginning, the grass on the hills was not the ugly brown of last years. Maybe more water this year had to do with it! It became a dreamy white golden grain color. (good fences)



A simple back door’s reflection on the deck
(Thurs. Door, Weekend Reflection)




Found this door in an alley with some artsy shops. The same
decorative design here as on the door screen above:)
(Thurs. Door, Fri Greens, Tue Treasure)



Looks like Bougainvillea, but maybe not because these bloom in a flower pot.


Fri Hunt: Starts with L: Last summer pic (1)
Weeks fave: sunset
Critter: butterfly


River Rocks-the Begin_5798

While making a plein air with oil from the trees in the front, I kept seeing these rocks slightly to the left in the background. They were such a stark and solid feature, demanding the roaring river to go around, because they were not going to move!.
So, before I packed up, I made an outline  (without the background here) on my cold pressed Arches watercolor paper.




The challenge I had to deal with, is that the sun obliterated the true shape of objects. Also,  on the left front, was shade, but not on the right of this scene. Didn’t want to go realistic, but still it effected on how to go about the values of the rocks and the water! (if it sounds complicated, these notes are more for me than for you:))
(Fri Greens, Water World, Tue Travel -Yosemite Nat. Park)


SignRiver Rocks_5898

Here the end result, Am satisfied how I dealt with the sun and shade. I left off the tree trunk on the left – as I would for a blog photo – but wanted to show that with the painting I made some adjustment. My quote below for ABC Wed. -K

painting from what you KNOW, instead of painting from what you see




Butterfly, seen in Yosemite Nat. Park
(Fri Hunt, Sat. Critters, Nature Notes, Tue Texture)





Beginning of the sunset in the park at the end of  my exercise walk


Join the fun of sharing your experience of the SEASON on Sunday
(link open through Wednesday)

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46 Comments Add yours

  1. facileetbeaugusta says:

    I like your reflection but the painting is really stunning. Great!
    Have a nice day

  2. Always love seeing your art jesh — and appreciate the definition of art vs craft …. something I’ve never been super clear on.

  3. Norm 2.0 says:

    Reflection in the door is a nice original shot. I did a reflection selfie of sorts too this week 🙂

  4. Jedidja says:

    And I love the reflecion too but also the perfect butterfly! Thank you so much for sharing.

  5. Peter B says:

    So amazing to me how you can translate the photo to a wonderful painting. Beautifully done! I like the fence shot too.

  6. jMo says:

    Very cool reflection, J., I had to keep looking at it cuz my little rat brain couldn’t process.

  7. TexWisGirl says:

    aren’t you cute?! 🙂 love the painting of the water and rocks. lovely wrought iron works, too.

  8. jesh stg says:

    Thank you, dear blog friend! In case I didn’t tell you (when I’m replying for Seasons I try to be short, so I can read all the blog posts) I really like your blog -so attractive!

  9. jesh stg says:

    Yeah, I saw it on the mirror in the street! It was kind of “made by Norm:)”
    Couldn’t figure out how to do this reflections shot without me being in there

  10. Nice fenc scene. Great looking reflection shot, pretty flower (that is Bougainvillea), also a wonderful butterfly shot and your art piece of the rocks was really nice.

  11. Nice door shot, it’s amazing how a bit of decorative ironwork adds some character to a door. Your painting is lovely, you captured the light and shade very well.

  12. Carol says:

    Beautiful art, fascinating post

  13. I enjoyed “seeing” you via the reflection and loved the butterfly shot and the painting. Have a marvelous weekend.


  14. Fun60 says:

    Loved your art work especially the watercolour sketch.

  15. DeniseinVA says:

    I always enjoy your posts Jesh with their wonderful selections of photos. I also enjoy your artwork too. Thank you very much for linking with Today’s Flowers. Happy weekend to you 🙂

  16. felicia says:

    Your watercolor rendition is totally gorgeous.

  17. Very nice artwork this week!

  18. s.c. says:

    Funny thing. When I saw your watercolor I thought first that someone was crawling in the water against the stream.

  19. Love the buterfly photo. What a beauty.

  20. Eileen Wise says:

    Hello, lovely images. I like the artsy photos. Pretty plants and butterfly. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

  21. Molly says:

    I really like your reflection shot. I am a big fan of mirror selfies


  22. Gosh Jesh your artwork is stunning, I do admire your painting talents! I hear it was a very good year for butterflies out your way so I hope it is the same for us! I am finally being nudged into WordPress and then you will be able to comment on my blog after all these years of you so loyally writing by e-mail… It’s in the planning 🙂
    Wren x

  23. Teresa says:

    Beautiful series of images. I do like seeing your fence in the field. Very nice. Great selfie in the door. Thanks so much for joining me for Friday’s Hunt. I hope you have a great week!

  24. Jesh, I can always depend on being very entertained with your posts with the most interesting photos. The wheat field and the reflection pic of the door are striking. Your painting and how you showed us your way of bringing the rocks and stream to life is awesome. The butterfly is perfect.
    Happy Blue Monday.
    Hugs, Jeanne

  25. ewok1993 says:

    Your definition of art is a confirmation that I really don’t have any artistic bone in my body. Thus I admire and salute those that are artistic.

    Worth a Thousand Words

  26. Your painting is beautiful!

    It’s good to hear you’re finally painting in your large studio!

  27. Oh, I like your watercolor, it’s lovely! Thanks for joining this week, please stop back again soon.

  28. Melody62 says:

    Wonderful artwork… admire people who can give space to their creativeness…

    Have a nice ABC-day / – week
    ♫ M e l ☺ d y ♫ (ABC-team)

  29. photowannabe says:

    I really like your quote for the letter K.
    Knowing instead of just what you see.
    That puts heart into the paintings.

  30. jesh stg says:

    Thanks so much Deborah! One of these days I’ll post how it looks like:)

  31. lesliebc says:

    I agree with your philosophy of painting what you KNOW. I pass on the same to my writing students and it really helps them to get started.

    abcw team

  32. Looking forward to that! 🙂

  33. Alexa T says:

    Very creative paintings and pictures, too! have a very good day!

  34. Beautiful photos! I like how you captured the light and shade in you painting of the rocks and water

  35. prior.. says:

    wonderful post Jesh – and the favs are the butterfly and the selfie in the door reflection !

    like the end result and still chewing on the quote – know vs. see – hmmm – has me thinking about it a little bit…

    ok – hope you have a great rest of september


  36. Roger Green says:

    really like the painting!

  37. jesh stg says:

    Thanks for all the compliments!It’s a variant of “interpretation goes before exact shapes of the object(s) seen with one’s eyes”
    It’s close to Rosh Hashanah – anything happening in your life?

  38. prior.. says:

    yes – I get it – and thanks – and not too much happening here – thanks for asking. Just enjoying a really refreshing year – we might go to new your city next month – but still planning.

  39. jesh stg says:

    If you do, can we steal half an hour of your time? may be while having a meal or coffee, or “something”?

  40. prior.. says:

    sure – 🙂 – in the meantime – hope u have a nice weekend

  41. Lovely shots and wonderful watercolour, Jesh!
    Thanks for joining the Saturday Silhouettes meme.

  42. Lisa @ LTTL says:

    Terrific captures, but boy oh boy you are a talented artist in painting. Well done.

    Lisa @ LTTL

  43. Peabea says:

    Enjoyed seeing all the photos. Like the from scratch comment…art vs craft.
    visiting from LTTL

  44. I am so sorry that I am so late in visiting… I love to hear the process in your painting. I was trying to talk to my Mother about some of her paintings while on Hospice and I cherish those memories because she didn’t want to talk about her process till then..Michelle

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