53 thoughts on “SUBTROPICAL”

    1. This Target is in a ritzy neighborhood mall in Irvine, CA, so that may have to do with it:)
      Jacaranda trees are quite commonly seen in Southern California. Haven’t seen Jacarandas here around Sacramento yet, and only a handful of palm trees. Hope your kids are recuperating well and you can return to your normal life:)

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  1. Happy sixth to Peach! I guess this summer was a much better one for you weather and no threat of evacuation wise, J. I don’t think I could ever have made it in LA for such a long time, not without a LOT of moola anyway. I must say, that’s a pretty fancy Tar je.


    1. I am Australian, but have lived in the UK for 46 years. I left Adelaide when I was 23. I first went back to our neighbourhood for a visit 12 years after I left. we had a beautiful jacaranda in the back yard that was over 50 years old. I cried when I found out and saw the new owners had got rid of the tree, because they didn’t like the “mess” it left after flowering.


  2. That’s too bad it costs more to live in the country, I guess gas and car wear and tear are always factors. Gas prices have been incredibly low here and on of my fav grocery stores offers “fuel perks” to boot. I paid .83/gal to fill up a few days ago. You don’t like baking with electric? All my Christmas presents are made with a crappy old electric apt stove, but you get to know its quirks. Guess I’m lucky to be out here kind of in the city or burbs but with countryside surrounding me. I rarely miss living downtown.


  3. Hi Jesh, Thank you for your sweet comment on my post. We will never forget.
    I grew up in Miami, Florida and palm trees and sub-tropical plants were a part of my life. Funny, we now live in the mountains of NC and dearly love the different seasons and where we live now.

    Love your tropical photo though. Calif is really a beautiful state.
    Happy Blue Monday and have a wonderful week.


  4. Beautiful shots, Jesh. We are lucky here in Melbourne because in as little as three hours on a plane we can go up to Queensland and enjoy the lush tropical vegetation and flowers.
    Than you for your participation in the Floral Friday Foto meme, I look forward to your next contribution.


  5. I do not think I could live in the LA area, well, really most of southern Cali… too many people and too hot… but, I would love to visit for a summer and stay for a bit to really experience it there. Thanks for the peek into life there.

    Lisa @ LTTL


    1. Came to LA when I was younger and studying. Now I’m older it’s nice not to deal with big city things (live in Northern CA now, in the mountains), but I do miss the cultural things, the life at the coast, and there’s always something to photograph!


    1. Do you mean, if there is a sale at Target? (Guess you don’t mean if the store Target is for sale?) Since my kids have grown and on their own, I hardly come there anymore:) Decisions, decisions! If your daughter got burned out from swimming, I would keep an eye on her:)


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