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Hello SEASONS bloggers,  Really appreciate the time you spend on linking up a thumbnail to share your experience!

A slice of my own life: recovering from the triple digit heat-looking forward to the next weeks- we have 7 grandkids who go to school, from Kindergarten to college (!) plus son in law teaching-  How about your life? Any changes?

For next weekend am taking a blog break for SEASONS for a week ( that means coming Sunday (August 14 – 17)
Coming back on Aug. 21, I have something special to share with you



Still in Sutter Creek here … I’m jazzed to see Cone flowers in this area – it means I can grow them – in Southern Calif. the only place I had seen them was in a rain forest section of the Botanical garden … since I lack a green thumb …


This is NOT what you think …



Window shop_3446

No clothes shopping! Look on the right inside: chalk paint:) You can use this, to give a piece of furniture an shabby chic look.

After I inserted this image I looked at what the black sign says “Lord, please keep your arm on my shoulder, and your hand over my mouth.”
Oh my, that would be a good thing right now … sometimes silence is golden!



cloudy days_1300

Not often, but we do have some cloudy days.
Guess what? on Last Wednesday, my birthday (3rd of Aug.), we felt 3 tremors -between 3-4 point earthquakes on the Richter scale.

First thought that it was my imagination (because in Southern California we are used to at least 5-6 point ones with shaking and jolts, and rattling of glass), so we looked it up next day! So, in North. CA,  also earth quakes happen!


Don’t Forget – SEASONS is taking a break for one week ( August 14-17)  “Click here” (in blue below)  to share your thumbnail photo.

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26 Comments Add yours

  1. Hi Jesh-
    Nice scenes!
    Glad you are recovering from the heat. We had triple digit weather here in Texas last week and likely during the next week also.
    Aren’t Coneflowers pretty?
    We grew some when we lived in Atlanta. The deer forgot to eat them 😄
    Have a Great Break. See you soon!
    Peace 🙂

  2. jMo says:

    A much needed break I’m sure. Seven people going back to school? Dang. It has been glorious here topping out at 80 or slightly above. Glad you’re getting a break as well. There are cone flowers at one of the nearby parks, I’ve always loved them.

  3. jesh stg says:

    sorry, maybe I gave the wrong impression and changed it it text – 7 grandkids and one son in law; but since we now live closer, we ‘re part of the weekly activities.

  4. jMo says:

    Ha, that’s still quite a group.

  5. jMo says:

    And thanks for pointing out the chalk paint I have an end table that needs something.

  6. Eileen Wise says:

    Hello, it is hard to believe school is starting so soon. I love the purple coneflowers and the quote. Thanks for hosting! Happy Sunday, enjoy your day and the new week ahead!

  7. KL says:

    Have a great vacation. Take some pictures and don’t forget to share those with us :-). 7 grandkids! Wow, your life must be quite hectic.

  8. Glad the earthquakes were just little ones! Have a great week!

  9. Pat says:

    The last time my husband and I visited San Francisco there were two earthquakes! I hope that things will remain quiet there on the faultline. Hope the new school year will be good for all–my grandsons will be going back in two weeks.
    Enjoy your blog break!

  10. jandi says:

    I hope you had a wonderful birthday! We get small tremors quite often in Joburg… Due to old mine shafts collapsing… Your landscape image is beautiful! Have a beautiful week!

  11. jandi says:

    Hope you had a wonderful birthday! I tried to publish a comment before… We also get small tremors in Joburg… Due to old mine shafts collapsing… Have a beautiful week (or 2)!

  12. Nice shots, Jesh. Earthquakes are always scary, glad they were only small ones.
    Thanks for hosting.

  13. Mitzi says:

    Very nice shots indeed! Love the quote!

  14. Late to the party this week, but appreciate the linkup so much, thank you! I love the sign and could use that prayer ! Hope for no more earthquakes! And see you in a couple of weeks.

  15. Lovely atmospheric pastoral scene!

    Enjoy your break,

  16. Mother Earth was singing Happy Birthday to you! We’ve been having a lot of 3’s and 4’s in my area, too. Both the San Andreas and Calavares faults run through our county. Hopefully they’re all taking the stress off so we won’t be suddenly surprised with the big one.

  17. Enjoy your break! No earthquakes, I hope.

  18. handmade by amalia says:

    Looking forward to the something special, I love mysteries 🙂

  19. I used Chalk Paint to redo a bathroom cabinet and medicine chest. Great stuff, and so easy to use! Do you have a lot of snow up there now? If so I bet it’s gorgeous!

  20. jesh stg says:

    Wow, you’re going back all the way to August All Seasons ? Let me know if you like me to walk you through getting the photo link connected.:)
    Arrrg, the snow proved to be only for one day, now we’ve had two days of rain and fog – good I went out that first day to shoot pics of the snow (and my fingers were numb:) )

  21. Rainy here too for the last two days.

  22. jesh stg says:

    One good side, hubs can’t work outside, so he has been making dinner, so I have more time to write (am working on a self-help book for Creativity).
    What have you been doing during these rainy days?

  23. Playing with #1 Grandson, taking down Christmas decorations, still have to get the tree down, and catching up on emails and posts. I’m just about all caught up! WOOT!

    Best of luck with the book!

  24. jesh stg says:

    Oh, you’re fast!
    I always keep the decorations up till about Jan. 18. Especially this time, because I wanted pics of our adult son trimming the tree.(4 days before Xmas).
    Sorry, never take it personal if I haven’t been right on the dot, the last 2 months I have really neglected my blogging.
    How old is your #1 grandson? Still have to meet a boy who doesn’t like legos. The ones I know are addicted to it:) How nice yours has a grandma patient enough to sit with him and play!

  25. I sometimes leave everything up until after Orthodox Christmas…just because. This year we really wanted to get back to normal, but we all caught colds and have been moving much slower. I have one box of Christmas stuff left to box up…but need to find or buy a new box, and the bare tree is still standing. I don’t think I’ll get it down tonight. Tomorrow I hope to!

    My son loved Legos too. 🙂

  26. Love the sky on that last picture!

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