42 thoughts on “DETAILS of a CULTURE”

  1. I love the clematis and the old Dutch roof line. Great shots taken from the car. I do that too but a lot of the time a car goes by or a pedestrian gets in the way. I’ve deleted more shots than I’ve taken, lol.


  2. Very interesting post. I am not very well traveled but I do love seeing how different cultures solved differently, the same problems with buildings and transportation for instance, with solutions that work for them.


  3. Hello Jesh, Thank you so much for your faithful comments and linking to my Blue Monday posts while I was on vacation. I arrived home today… tired but very happy to have been with so much family these past two weeks. It is good to be visiting again.

    Great photos and the culture difference is always interesting. The butterfly was a great shot by your hubby. Holland is a wonderful place to visit. I have never had a clematis this pretty.

    Have a wonderful week.


  4. Oh, it was the details that I loved about Europe, and miss terrible. What a fabulous post. Well done on capturing the details. I am excited to have you linking with Life Thru the Lens.

    Lisa @ Life Thru the Lens


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