SeasonsSummerFallWidgetBlog2_4269 copy Hello SEASONS bloggers,

July 31 – August 3           Can you believe it? On Monday it’s AUGUST!
We are having 4 birthdays in one week in the family with mine is on Wed.

All beautiful, creative, informative, and lovely posts last week and great photos – thank you!

The logo above shows the heat here since last week – into the triple digits! So I drink a lot, and eat much less (probably a good thing!) and enjoy the “little pleasures” to keep myself cool.



These are such bright and dapper little soldiers braving the heat



Squirrelry Request_0639Our grey squirrels are indestructible, always begging for food
no matter how the weather is
(to keep them able to live in the wild, we don’t feed them)


Squrrel Sign on Tree_3516

As a matter of fact, they’re so many squirrels in the neighborhood,
that a neighbor put up this sign
(for you who don’t know this expression – a “nut” has a double meaning here: a peanut, as well as a crazy person)



A slow enjoyable ending of the day.
(straight from my lens)

What do you do on those days that it’s absolutely too hot
or too cold to do anything?

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20 Comments Add yours

  1. jandinewalli says:

    Ooh love that last image! { and all the others!} have a beautiful week

  2. KL says:

    Such lovely images. The last one is superb. Temperature at triple digit. Oh! I’m fainting. I can’t stand anything above 75. Hoop..hoop…so it seems like many of you are leo. I’m also a leo with a birthday in August 😀

  3. That squirrel sign is a hoot!

  4. Lovely shot of the squirrel… looks healthy and well fed even without easy pickings!
    Enjoy your week and thanks for hosting,

  5. bettyl - NZ says:

    I do hope your weather lets up a bit soon. Here, the winter has been more like a mild autumn, but I’m not complaining at all! Love your flower and visitor. The sign is too cute! And such a lovely way to end the day with that pastel sky.

  6. Pat says:

    Have a very Happy Birthday this week! Best wishes for a wonderful day and healthy happy year ahead!

  7. Mascha says:

    Cute squirrel and a dawn like a Japanese ink drawning…
    Send you a cool breeze

  8. Lovely shots, Jesh! My fave is the last image.
    Don’t forget to link it with the Saturday Silhouettes meme:


  10. Happy Birthday to everyone this week!

  11. Jill Foley says:

    happy birthday! I’m an August baby, too : )

  12. My Desktop says:

    Happy Birthday!
    Nice one of the squirrel!

  13. Mitzi says:

    I can’t believe we are in August already. Boy, time surely does fly by. As you know, we aren’t so much hot as we are waterlogged. I’m so tired of the rain. I just looked at the radar and guess what??? RAIN! ugg. PS. Lovely images!

  14. jMo says:

    I stay in with the AC on, keep the cat company and try to organize photos. Love the sunset through the trees. Squirrels, shudder. Funny sign.

  15. Brooke Neal says:

    Love the “nut” sign and that sunset is beautiful!

  16. Funny sign! There’s just something funny about squirrels.

  17. Oh, linking went smoothly this time! What did you change? Other linkups are having problems too.

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