42 thoughts on “LITTLE ENJOYMENTS”

  1. The little girls on the slides take me back to my childhood, and the old brick/stone museum in our Goldrush Country is really neat. I fell in love with history the year we had California Goldrush in middle school. Since then I’ve loved everything History.
    Hope you have a great week-end!


    1. Two of my youngest grands (2 years ago).
      Have to admit in high school I hated history until the rector (president) filled in for the history teacher who was sick, and I loved his stories:)
      He was also the one who told me, whenever you want a sketch hung, let me know and it will be done (I grew another 2 meters:):) )

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    1. Don’t know about the Aldi in your area, but I have been to the Aldi in Holland and there is no comparison to the Trader Joe in California.
      The Aldi in Holland is one of the bottom-level grocery stores with processed foods. Trader Joe is abundant in organic veggies, meat, breads, and whole wheat pasta etc. and frequently comes out with new products (that’s what I meant with “inventions”) from the store where everything is made in Monrovia, CA.

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      1. I’m taking the weekend off – no writing, editing or social media, so I’ve been catching up on everything tonight. I’m off to bed now, though, as it’s after 1.00am. I’m hoping to snap a few nice doors over the next few days. Have a lovely weekend. 🙂


  2. The picture of the children really stole this old grandmother’s heart. It pulled at the heartstrings. My youngest are now 11, so this precious picture brings back happy memories of times past. genie


  3. Oh yeah, summer is the loveliest time of the year. I very enjoy it too.
    By the way: such picture-cookies we eat every Christmas time, they are very popular with us.
    Your link at Friday Greens wasn’t working for me, but I found you without it 🙂
    Have a nice sunday


  4. Cool photos, Jeanette. I especially like your first one. I could go for sitting under those trees right now. The cookie molds look intriguing as does the dish with the Japanese woman.


  5. Love this collection! The kids are having so much fun outside — and that is exciting! Summer is our favorite season too — that’s why we live part of the year in Florida (where summer is eternal … or at least more eternal than it is in every other part of the country ;>)).


  6. I have to agree summer is the best! Of course, I don’t have to go to my off farm job in the summer. Love that fountain. So pretty. I do think your first image of the curving road is my favorite this week. Thanks so much for joining Friday’s Hunt. Have a great week!


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