HAPPY to CONTINUE – My FIRST Post here – JULY 22

Ran out of space with my first blog Significant Moments, so I happily continue here!

Talking about a few of my passions, you’ll see I’m going all over the map on purpose. Not to brag, but these places have influenced me, and are all part of my life and my views about the world.

Many of you will be happy, not having to click on the title of the post – you can just comment below!!


(1) THE GOOD: At one of the windows in “Upstart Crow” our favorite bookstore in San Diego, sipping a cold drink, I noticed the patterns the sun made on the lawn

couldn’t help to make just a small watercolor of it. I always carry a small watercolor block, a Winsor & Newton field palette and 3 brushes in my purse. Passersby outside started watching me – one of the perks (?) of an artist:)



(2) With some young friends who had visited us in the USA  – out to Giet hoorn, where the whole town looks like this. The roads are water ways, so everyone who lives there has at least one boat. Then all the companies who have boats for the tourists:)
Reflection, Trees & Bushes, Tue Travel. Water World






(3) A few botanical gardens are my favorites. The largest one in Berlin, the Huntington Library Gardens in Pasadena, and these flowers in Holland, Hortus, Groningen (NE of Holl). Nature Notes, Floral Fri Foto



PeacockFence ForbidCity 204

Peacock statue and fence – good Fences, THE RANDOM

(4) The reason for traveling to 4 cities on China’s main land was because our son was teaching English there. This is the Forbidden City, Beijing – the palaces of the royal family. which means that at one time China was a kingdom!




Great Wall Pandas 317

(5) THE FUN: Hubby and son came back with 500 shots of the Great Wall (because I was painting plein air in the city Beijing). This was a big surprise – a den of about 15 adult Panda’s at the Great Wall. Sat. Critters




DoorForbidCity 166

(6) One of the doors in Forbidden City – the paths between the buildings are narrow, so couldn’t get the whole door into the frame.


Fri Hunt
Begin with D: Destiny Road (7)
Weeks Favorite:  Forbidden City -Doors (6)
Summer or winter: Giethoorn boats (2)

Cloud Stacked_7382

(7) To Continue on the Destiny Road
Sky Watch, Blue Monday, ABC Wed.-C


At the same time join the fun of SEASONS
THE LAST WEEK OF JULY Sunday July 24 – Wednesday July 27

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33 Comments Add yours

  1. What happened to the “like” button?

    Great painting and so many lovely images. I know that pier! 🙂 Loved the peacock statue. It looks so regal.

  2. jesh stg says:

    I still need to discover that one – this theme works so differently!

  3. jesh stg says:

    Sorry, am not very together today – it’s too hot, and then my brain freezes (oximoron:)) When our kids were small we always went to that beach, because it was closest to our home.

    How did your remake of the acrylic painting go?

  4. LOL! Been there, done that!

    I decide to let it go. It’s been hanging on the wall, and it’s not that awful, just bad. I’m going to try and do it with watercolor, and I’m thinking about just redoing it at the store/workshop. Now I know what I want to change and how to do it. They have all the supplies, and it will cost me $20 since I still some $$ left on the gift certificate from my son.

  5. Great Post. I just signed up as a Follower with my new E-Mail. If you subscribe to my blog that way you will need to change my email address.

  6. Mitzi says:

    What wonderful pictures and wonderful snippets to go with them!

  7. Jeanna says:

    You are a woman of many talents, J. You’re making me jealous with the boats too.

  8. genie says:

    All of your pictures are wonderful and show us places we would never go. The shot of the little boat is extra pretty. My favorite, of course, has to be your watercolor. I have been working on mine all day Am slammed with Poison Ivy so am staying in my chair by the ac to keep coo. I really like the roots of the tree. Those are amazing the way you painted them. What would we do without our travel cases of watercolors and for me my card block of watercolor paper. It is expensive but well worth the investment. genie

  9. TexWisGirl says:

    beautiful gate! love the bears. i like the little canal with boats.

  10. Wonderful photos and a lovely watercolour. I just followed so I should get your posts.

  11. jesh stg says:

    thank you Jean!

  12. It’s now hard to find the way here from just clicking on your name. Anyway, I like the shots. I’ve been to the Huntington several times; beautiful gardens.

  13. Norm 2.0 says:

    Even if you weren’t able to capture it all, that is still a beautiful door 🙂

  14. pattisj says:

    Destiny Road makes one curious as to what lies ahead.

  15. Impressive door, even this part. I really like the shot of the boats. It’s so peaceful, although I imagine if there are lots of boats all going somewhere, it’s a bit more hectic.


  16. Magnus says:

    Wonderful photos, i love the little canal

  17. James says:

    I like the painting and the photos!

  18. vem030956 says:

    Great shots! I really like Destiny Road…like Pattisj said…makes one curious to see what lies ahead…

  19. Cheers to your new blog space, Jeanette! That’s interesting how pandas are kept next to the Great Wall. I wonder if that’s their natural habitat.

  20. I have to tell you a funny story about that bear garden, we thought we were booked to go to a beer garden (real lost in translation moment!!) I’m impressed you’re onto your second blog and yes love the comments at the bottom!
    Hope you’re feeling cooler soon!
    Wren x

  21. ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© says:

    Cool boats!

  22. Teresa says:

    Beautiful series of images. I love the boat and its reflection. The peacock is my favorite. Thanks so much for joining in Friday’s Hunt. Hope you have a great week!

  23. Tamar says:

    Happy new space!! The flowers are so pretty!
    Thanks for linking up (:

  24. There must be a way to change your WordPress profile to go to the new site so that your name takes us there. Also there are two links from the old site to the new and one goes to “Oops, page not found.” Sorry I do not know the solution offhand.

  25. Eileen Wise says:

    Hello, wonderful collection of photos. I like the bird statue and the cute bears. Sorry, I am just catching up after being away. Thank you so much for linking up and sharing your post. Have a happy day and week ahead!

  26. Melody62 says:

    how sad you had to start a second blog…. but good for you you did… please continue 😉
    The perfect c-word for you in the circumstance

    Have a nice ABC-W-Day / – week
    ♫ M e l ☺ d y ♫ (abc-w-team)

  27. grace glenpool says:

    very beautiful garden.

  28. Lots of wonderful things to share this week. Thanks so much, enjoy your day!

  29. Marie-AZ says:

    Enjoyed this post! I had trouble commenting sometimes on your old one…I don’t know why. Love that you do plein air painting when you go places….very cool! I could never master watercolor, and stick with my oils which would be harder to carry on trips. 🙂 I would like to do some plein air painting though some time. Lovely photos, too. What a great trip!

  30. loved that roysl peacock 🙂

  31. Roger Green says:

    Wow, so prolific that you ran out of space!

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