22 thoughts on “SEASONS – JULY FAVORITES”

  1. I like being able to comment now without having to go over to my reader. YEAH!

    That dish sounds really good! I’ll have to look for that soy sauce in my market. I don’t think I’ve ever had it…unless Thai food uses it?


    1. That’s great – the less clicks the better:) Thanks for visiting!
      Have no experience with Thai food – only with Korean markets, but you can always try:) Sometimes they have it in a Saveway store – if it only says:soy sauce, it’s probably the salty one. Unless it says Indonesian, or “manis” (means sweet) somewhere on the bottle.

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  2. Your pics are especially delish today, Jeanette. I think the gado-gado looks pretty clear and you’re still using WP with a white, non clickable bg. I don’t use word press anymore, but is there an image quality selection? I agree the Amador Country photos look clearer but maybe it’s the shaded photos.


  3. Nice to see you new blog, Jesh. Your recipe sounds delicious! I will have to look for that sweet soy sauce. There is a large Vietnamese market in a nearby town that might have it.


  4. Thank you for your recipes — the peanut butter sauce sounds wonderful (as far as I am concerned, anything with peanut butter is perfect) — I need to visit the Asian Market here in Eugene. I’m making a list!! Thanks for hosting “Seasons’.


  5. Hello!:) Your lovely!:) Thank you for your helpful comment about trying to paint standing up instead of sitting. I also find this difficult, but I still do a little pastel painting instead of oils sitting for short periods at a time. I will be eighty next year, so I also do not have the stamina I used to have.!!:))) Thank you for the gado-gado recipe, it looks very good.


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